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I post approximately three times per week on a variety of topics including bento box lunches, kid (and adult) friendly foods, crafts and parenting. Occasionally, personal stories are thrown in for good measure. Wendolonia is often featured in the media including, Parents Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Miami Herald.

Wendolonia hosts more than 40,000 unique visitors per month and those visitors generate an average of 80-90,000 page views in a typical month (double that during back to school season). More than 60% of Wendolonia’s readers report that they visit the site every time a new post goes up.

A typical Wendolonia reader is a woman, aged 31-40. She is married/partnered and generally has one or more children aged 1-9 years in her household. She is also brilliant, witty and an all around lovely person. It’s likely you would enjoy drinking coffee with her. (I know I would!)

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