Wendy Copley with her boys and a couple bento lunches

My name is Wendy Copley and this is my blog. I’m a cook, crafter, scrapbooker, photographer, writer, wife and mom. Whenever I go too long without doing something creative, I start to lose my mind, so I’m pretty much always working on some sort of project. My focus frequently shifts from sewing to baking to paper-crafting to creating with my kids but I am unwavering in my devotion to photography and packing bento boxes.

My book Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches to Go was released in March 2014. It features 50 bento boxes and step-by-step photo tutorials showing how to make them.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband, two sons and an obscene number of lunch boxes.

About those bento boxes…

A few years ago, I received my first bento box as a Christmas gift from my husband.  After reading everything I could find about bentos online, I started making these attractive and usually (but not always) healthy lunches for my family. I was instantly hooked! After many years, over 2000 packed lunches, and lots of experimentation and play, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing fun, well-balanced lunches my kids will actually eat.

About Wendolonia

Wendolonia was born in 2007 as a place for me to w rite about my life and interests. I post about three times per week on various topics, including craft tutorials, cooking for my family, the things I do with my boys and personal memories.

As the audience for my bento box posts has grown, I’ve focused on writing articles about packing lunches, bento tips and techniques and lunch gear. Because I’m a busy mom myself, my goal is to inspire (but hopefully never overwhelm) people who are interested in packing bentos. I try to keep my bento creations realistic for people who aren’t completely obsessed with lunch-packing by using foods available in most grocery stores and simple decorative techniques that make creating an appealing lunch doable on even the most hectic of mornings.

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  • Anne

    Heeyy!! Did your blog get a new layout? Fancyy!

  • Yep! I’m working on making some changes. Thanks for noticing!

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  • Anne

    Well I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now.. I would have been ashamed if I hadn’t noticed 😛

  • Anna

    I love the bento lunches you pack for your kids! They’re so creative 🙂 I’m an adult, but I want my lunches to look like that! Art for lunch, yUM!

  • Eilish

    Thank you for your beautiful blog ! it’s darling. Your blog inspired me to get my act together with my own lunches. As a 17 year old you can imagine they were highly uninviting and plain due to my need to sleep in every morning to the point of literally running out the door in an effort to get to school. I’am proud to say that i eat a bento lunch every day and they are full of wonderful healthy goodies !
    Your lunches have also started a bento trend at my highschool and it now has become a daily thing to compare lunches within my circle of friends.
    Thank you for exposing us to a beautiful world of crafty food 🙂
    xx Eilish

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  • I think grown-ups should make their lunches pretty too! It’s much more civilized that way.

  • Your story made my day! That’s so cool that you and your friends are packing bentos now.

  • Mary McManamon

    Wendy, I love your approach to lunch. Here is hoping I can translate your ideas into our everyday lives; I have hope because my two kids are totally into Bento (guess what they order when we do make it out to dinner ?)

    Mary (who has an unfortunate long commute to work and is gratefully MaMa to two girls (almost 5th grade; almost 1st grade) in SFUSD)

    p.s. I also live in NCAL (SF Bay Area)

  • Anne

    Hey Wendy,
    I was wondering how you got your fabulous blog header..
    I’m thinking about starting my own blog and I’d love to have a header that looks something like yours..

  • Hi Mary! I’m always running late in the mornings and, honestly, I’m kind of lazy too, so hopefully you’ll find some easy ideas to try out. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but packing bentos can actually go pretty quickly. There’s no way I would have kept it up this long if it didn’t!

  • Hi Anne! Thanks — I’m glad you like the header. Creating the header requires that you be pretty comfortable in Photoshop Elements. This is how I did it:
    – I put a bento box and some of my supplies on a big piece of white poster board and photographed it from above.
    – Next, I pulled the photo into photoshop elements and corrected the color so the background was as close to true white as I could get.
    – Then I erased most of the background. I re-sized the canvas to be the width and height I wanted, filling the background with white.
    -Then I added my blog name on top of the image.

    Ta da!

  • Jojet ortega

    i love your website. specially the bento boxes ideas. 

  • anna

    please could you yell me what the old strawberry shortcake dolls are made of.i had saved mine for my little girl but am worried about the plastic ie.is it made of pvc.is it bpa and lead free could u please help

  • Jeanette

    Hi Wendy! I just discovered your site right now as I am browsing to get some ideas for my son’s lunch tomorrow. (I am running out of ideas!) I have to say I LOVE your blog and you are an awesome mama! You are so inspiring and I have no doubt that I will be checking back everyday :)) xx Jeanette

  • Lizaheller

    Under the September 26-30 Wednesday preschool lunch – what pasta brand is that and where did you get it?

  • That’s whole wheat pasta shaped like animals. I got it at a chain called Fresh and Easy and it’s their house brand.

  • Lizaheller

    Thanks – that must be a west coast store. Checking in from SW CT. I’ve been reading you blog for over two years now and thank you! It’s helped just start my girls lunch on many levels.

  • Rinnie

    I appreciate a lot of your ideas and do hope you give credit to the Japanese also.  I have seen some of these ideas before, years ago, having a lot of experience in Japan. I do like to see the American take on it though.  It’s important to note a need to be wary of exactly where the bento boxes are made and that some are not dishwasher safe. I love using the silicon cupcake/mini cupcake containers.  Frozen berries are great but usually I put them in their own snap container.   

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  • Nikkerz75

    My little one will won’t be starting school for another year (gasp!), but being the neurotic mom I am, I’ve already started thinking about various school day requirements.  Love the site and all the comprehensive info.  Is there a bento book that you also recommend?

  •  I’m just like you — whenever I’m facing something unfamiliar I like to get a book and do some research! There are lots of great bento books on the market. I’ve pulled a lot of them together in my Amazon store: http://astore.amazon.com/wendolonia-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=3

  • my2preciousboys

    just found your blog and I love it. thanks for all the lunch ideas

  • Denise Cook

    Hi I just found your blog while researching Monbento original bento box. I am thinking about purchasing a few for me and my husband and was wondering if you had any other recommendations for us before we make any decisions! Thanks in advance!

  • makenoiz

    Packed my first rudimentary bentos for my 8yr old daughter and my 4 yr old son. Went with a ‘sky’ theme – cloud of blueberries, swiss stars and moon bread 😉 Used rubbermaid because my bento supplies are en route 😉 How fun… I cant wait to see what they thought! It really was not that hard if I did it at night while making dinner at the same time…. I was already in the kitchen so why not…. I know the images are not spectacular, but hey, this was my very first bento! I love your site and will be visiting every day for a while. Also BentoUSA dot com is great. Thanks for the suggestion.