My Ridiculous Winter Bento Stash and a few Winter Lunches

by Wendy Copley on December 2, 2019

Winter has set in across the U.S. and we’re even feeling the chill here in California. (It’s rain, not snow but it still counts. Sorta.) The cold weather has put me in the mood to pull out my winter bento stuff and make some wintery bento boxes for my kids.

Want to see what equipment I use for these types of lunches? Check out this video for a tour of my stash:

Products shown in this video (some of these are affiliate links):

And here are some examples of lunches I’ve made with these supplies:

Meatball snowman bento box lunch
Meatball snowman: creepy or cute?? I can’t decide! ⛄️⛄️ His hat, eyes, and buttons are all made of white carrot. The nose is orange carrot. He’s paired with carrot coins, a couple of strips of naan, dried cranberries, yogurt stars and some strawberry applesauce with snowflake sprinkles. 
Snowman bento for kids
snowflake bento box for kids
Snowflake  bento box lunch
Winter woodland bento box lunch
Snowman bento box lunch

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