Food Prep for the Week

by Wendy Copley on February 29, 2016

Food prep for the week -- this was just what I had on hand

Last night I was feeling stressed out about the very busy week I am going to have and I asked myself, “What can I do now to make things go more smoothly?” Folding laundry probably should have been highest on my list based on the HOURS I’ve spent digging in the clean laundry pile for pants for my kids, but instead I went into the kitchen and started prepping food for the week.

Basically, I just started chopping and boiling and roasting and once I had one thing going on the stove, I started on something else. And in between I emptied the dishwasher, refilled it, ran it, washed pots and pans and made sure all the counters were clean. Phwew! I also pulled a few items out of the freezer to defrost for lunches and dinner tonight — something I always forget to do in advance.

Once I was done, I had:

  • two quarts of cold-brewed darjeeling iced tea
  • several cups of cooked farro — my favorite whole grain
  • roasted butternut squash
  • a few hard-boiled eggs — I normally would do more, but this was the last of the carton
  • trimmed radishes — all the raw veggies we had
  • a dozen blueberry muffins — we ate some for breakfast this morning before I took this photo
  • Not pictured: a batch of chocolate pudding – we ate some of it last night and I put some of it in lunch boxes for today

You can see the radishes and pudding in action on Wyatt’s lunch box. I just poured it right into the Yumbox tray and put it directly into the fridge.

Radishes and pudding for lunches
I was pretty pleased with myself because all of these were just things we had on hand — no special trip to the store, no pre-planning. And I just finished eating a healthy lunch made with some of these items:

....And this is what I made with the squash and farro I prepped on Sunday night

I mixed a big scoop of farro, another big scoop of squash and some edamame salad from Costco together and drizzled on a simple vinaigrette. So tasty! I had a big glass of iced tea too.

In other news, I bought an Instant Pot this weekend and it’s supposed to arrive today. I’m so excited!

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