Space Lunch in the New Yumbox Espace Box

by Wendy Copley on December 15, 2015

Space Lunch in the Yumbox Espace

When my friends at Yumbox asked me to try out one of their newest designs — the Espace Blue — I was pretty excited. I’ve been using Yumbox lunch boxes for several years now and it’s no secret that their boxes are among my — and my kids’ — favorites so I was predisposed to like it. But this one is an especially good fit for my boys because it has a really cool space theme going on.

Yumbox Espace

Let’s start on the outside. This box is a beautiful, macho dark blue. This is exciting for us because the last few batches of Yumbox releases have had a lot of pastel boxes in them. They’re pretty, but my boys choose to strictly conform to gender norms so they were not an option for their lunches. And those stars on the outside? Get this: they glow in the dark! I’m not sure exactly when my kids will be eating out of a lunch box in the dark, but when they do we will be prepared! Until that day when we can see them glow those stars still stand up as a fun decoration on the outside of the box.

Yumbox Espace

And if you think the outside of the box is cute, wait until you see the inside. The tray has the signature sweet Yumbox illustrations and labels for different types of foods but when I looked closely I realized that the spacey illustrations also have a food component to them. The astronaut is floating above spaghetti! The planets? An orange and a lime! And of course the moon is made of cheese. Of course! My kids were delighted.

Space Lunch in the Yumbox Espace

I decided to christen the box with a cute space lunch when I sent it out for it’s maiden voyage. For the most part, I kept it pretty simple and quick to put together: rocket crackers with a rocket pick, chocolate star cookies, blackberries (like the darkness of space) with a robot pick, a salami sandwich, some carrot stars and a little bit of ranch dressing in the dip compartment.

Cutting carrot stars

The hardest part of this lunch was the shaped carrots, and even they were simple to make.  I cut several thin slices from the fat end of a large carrot, then cut stars in various sizes from it using some small cutters. I sliced carrot coins (planets?) from the rest of the carrot then popped the stars cut-outs on top. While I was cutting, I also used a small rocket cutter on one of the slices and added that to the top of the sandwich. Cute, but easy enough for a weekday morning.

Check out the step-by-step in this animated gif:

Space Lunch in the Yumbox Espace

The Espace Yumbox is availiable in two colors (red and blue) and two configurations (the smaller classic and the larger Panino) from Amazon or from the Yumbox website. They also just released a ridiculously cute set of pink and purple Paris themed boxes, but — alas! — my boys are not having it!

Disclosure: This post was written by me on behalf of Yumbox. I am a long-time, happy customer and Yumbox user, so it was a perfect fit. Thanks Yumbox for sponsoring Wendolonia!

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