Review and Giveaway: Bentology Lunch Box and Lunch Bag

by Wendy Copley on August 12, 2015

For the past few months I’ve been playing around with the new Bentology lunch boxes. Do these boxes look familiar to you? Do they maybe look like the Laptop Lunches boxes my family has been using for years and years? There’s a good reason why — they are the same!

Earlier this year, Laptop Lunches rebranded under the Bentology name. (Not to be confused with the blog Bento-logy which is completely different and pre-dates this new name for the lunch boxes.) Along with the new name, they reworked their boxes to look a little different.

Bentology Bento Box - Outside

The changes to the boxes are cosmetic in nature. The new versions are made of semi-transparent plastic and the colors have been updated to match current trends. You can see from the photo above that you can see right through the outer box.

Bentology Bento Box - Inside

But the boxes themselves are unchanged and appear to be made from the same molds. You can swap the new boxes with the old boxes and everything fits properly. The old lids work on the new boxes and vice versa.

Best-Mom-Ever Pizza Lunch in our Bentology Box

So really, there’s not much to review! I went back and re-read my original review before writing this one and everything I said there still stands.

Terrific Leftovers in the Bentology Box

I like the new look of this box and I think food looks really pretty in it. The containers come in other colors besides white, but I’ve been sticking with these because they show off the natural beauty of the food.

For more details about the Bentology boxes visit my Lunch Box Comparison Chart.

Giveaway! Woo hoo!

Bentology will provide one lucky Wendolonia reader with their choice of a Shark Camo Bento/Sleeve Kit OR a Kitty Bento/Sleeve Kit. (Can I just tell you I am DYING over the print on that Kitty bag. She is wearing the same glasses I wear! This is the lunch bag I would choose if I needed to carry my lunch somewhere.)

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