Review and Giveaway: The Updated Yumbox Original and New Yumbox Bag

by Wendy Copley on August 10, 2015

Review and GIVEAWAY: updated Yumbox Original and Insulated Bag

Earlier this year, Yumbox updated their original lunch box. We’ve been fans of the Yumbox lunch box for quite a while now. We use both the original 6 compartment design and the slightly larger 4 compartment Panino lunch box and have packed many, many lunches in them. My older son in particular likes the snacky nature of the lunches I pack in his original Yumbox, so when I had the opportunity to review the new design it was a no brainer.

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All of the things I liked about the first version of the Yumbox are still a part of the improved version: six compartments, a removable tray with cute drawings, leak-proof, dishwasher safe, a nice compact size, and a $28.00 price tag. (See my original review of this box here.)

So how is the new version of the Yumbox different?

When I got my first Yumbox it was only available in the green color. Now it comes in a rainbow of colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, lavender and my favorite, orange.

The biggest change though, is with the tray. It has been redesigned to enlarge the individual compartments and to eliminate a lot of the excess space that was taken up by the separators that divided the box. The total capacity for the original version of this box was 2.5 cups, but this version holds a little over 3.25 cups. That’s an additional 3/4 cup of food you can pack into it! Big improvement!

The old version was great for preschoolers and kids with smaller appetites, but with the increased size this newer version works just as well for older children and even adults!


My biggest pet peeve with the old-style try was the big gaps between compartments. The tray is dishwasher safe, but water would pool up in the gaps on the back and it took forever to dry. The new tray still has crevices around the outer edge so this problem isn’t completely eliminated, but now that the bulk of the tray is flat, it is much better.


Another big improvement is that the hinge on the latch has been strengthened making it less likely to break.


And the same is true for the hinge on the box itself.

Happy Yumbox

I’m thrilled with the improvements Yumbox has made to the original box and we are looking forward to packing lunches in this new old favorite this year.


While we’re talking Yumbox, I wanted to take the chance to share some thoughts on their brand spankin’ new insulated bag. The bag is so new that I haven’t had a chance to send it out of the house with my kids, so please do keep that in mind as you read this, but here are a few initial observations.

Let’s start with the basics. The bag costs $15.00 and comes in two fabrics — the royal blue pictured here and a significantly cuter orange with white polka dots that I love but that my two boys wouldn’t be caught dead with. Sigh. The outer fabric is a rugged polyester. The inner lining is PVC, BPA and phthalate-free. It includes a carry handle on the lid and a removable shoulder strap for carrying.


The Yumbox site says it holds two Yumboxes flat or on their sides, but I found it easily holds three bags positioned either way. Great if you are headed out on a picnic, but please keep the size in mind before purchasing because this is a big lunch bag. If I packed it in either of my boys’ backpacks it would take up about half the space (if not more).


Here’s another photo that shows how roomy it is when it’s packed with a single Yumbox. I also put in a thermos and a water bottle and there would have been room for some snacks and ice packs too. It’s worth noting that I did not have to lay that thermos on it’s side to zip the bag closed.

Other lunch boxes I tried that fit in the Yumbox bag: EasyLunchboxes, PlanetBox Shuttle, LunchBots (small and large sizes), and Bentology (snug but absolutely doable).

The upshot: this is a great, roomy bag for someone who wants to be able to pack their Yumbox flat along with several extras.

Disclosure: Yumbox is a sponsor of this blog and they provided me with samples of the updated Yumbox Original and an insulated tote for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated for writing this post. I have included affiliate links so if you make a purchase using them I will receive a small fee for referring you to the Yumbox site.

Review and GIVEAWAY: updated Yumbox Original and Insulated Bag

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