The Week in Bentos: Camp Lunches 2015 #4

by Wendy Copley on July 31, 2015

The boys were back to camp this week, so I have more lunches to share. Whoop!

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We started Monday by packing little bits of this and that in our Yumbox Originals. Augie had strawberries, nectarine chunks, cucumber stars, turkey meatball chunks, a couple Starbursts and some Pirate’s Booty.

Wyatt also had strawberries, nectarines, Pirate’s Booty, meatballs, and Starbursts, but I swapped in radish slices for the cukes. His lunch was also packed in a Yumbox.


We had one of the kids’ favorites on Monday night — Hoisin Chicken — so they wanted the leftovers in their lunches on Tuesday. I packed two drumsticks into the largest compartment of our PlanetBox Rover for Augie, with a little foil wrapped around the ends to minimize messy fingers. He also had cucumber slices, watermelon chunks, blueberries and Fuji Apple and Raspberry Clusters.

The clusters were a sample that I received from the people at CVS and the kids are crazy for them. They are part of the new Gold Emblem Abound line of healthier for you products that CVS just added to their shelves. We’ve also sampled some nuts and organic mac and cheese and they’ve all been tasty and fit into the kinds of foods I like to give to my family. I also appreciate that their bright green packaging makes them easy to spot on the shelves when we visit the drug store.*

Wyatt also had leftover Hoisin Chicken, along with blueberries, apple and raspberry clusters, carrot coins and some bacon cheddar ranch dip. His lunch was packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.


Wednesday’s lunches were filled with summer favorites! Augie had corn on the cob, leftover pork chop, watermelon and a brownie. It was packed in a Bentology/Laptop Lunches box.

And again, Wyatt had almost the same thing: corn (cut off the cob to accommodate his braces), pork chop, farmers’ market strawberries and a brownie. His was also packed in a Bentology/Laptop Lunches box.


We had a lot of pasta leftovers so Thursday the kids had hot lunch in thermoses for the first time in a long time. The pasta (macaroni, sausage and marinara) was packed in a Thermos food jar. It’s pretty filling, so I just gave him a few sides: watermelon and a Mott’s Fruity Roll. The fruit leather was another sample I received. They are tasty and the kids like them. Exactly what you would expect. (Find the spork here.)

Wyatt had the same thing, except I swapped the watermelon out for strawberries. His pasta was packed in our LunchBots thermal jar.


Goofy Star Wars PlanetBox Lunch

This morning TimeHop showed me a photo of the goofy Star Wars lunch I made for Augie one year ago today. When I showed it to the kids, we all giggled so much that we realized we had to recreate it for their lunches today. The most important part (and the source of the goofiness) are the Darth Vadar and Yoda sandwiches made with icing googly eyes. I cut the mouths with a crescent moon shape and filled these sandwiches with sunbutter and grape jelly. The rest of the lunch had Pirate’s Booty with a Darth Vadar ring, strawberries with a Storm Trooper, some hummus and sugar snap pea light sabres. The hummus was packed into one of the new PlanetBox Pods. Today is my first time trying one so we’ll see how it goes. The lunch was packed in a PlanetBox Rover.

Goofy Star Wars Yumbox Lunch

Wyatt had a really similar lunch but it was packed in a Yumbox Panino so the configuration was a little different. He also had sunbutter and jelly Star Wars sandwiches with icing googly eyes, strawberry light sabres, Darth Vadar Pirate’s Booty, snap peas and some bacon cheddar ranch dip. I wish I had this R2D2 thermal water bottle to go with these lunches. How cute is that?? Alas! I really don’t need another drink container!

Disclosure: I haven’t been paid to share info about CVS’s Gold Emblem Abound products with you, but I did receive samples and liked them enough to pass on a little info.
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