The Week in Bentos: Camp Lunches #3

by Wendy Copley on July 24, 2015

The boys were back in day camp this week, so I have some lunches to share. I kind of wish I had something fun or cute to share, but apparently the word “lazy” applies to me as well as to the days of summer!
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Sunbutter and Jelly Twin Easylunchboxes

On Monday, I packed lunches in about 3 minutes flat! We were so late! How late were we? Pretty darn late. And in addition to helping the kids get out the door, I was also trying to help my husband get ready in time to catch another plane. Good times! When I need an easy lunch, I pull out our EasyLunchboxes. (It’s not just the name, it’s the truth!) The kids had strawberries, carrots (cut thin for the boy with the braces), snap peas for Wyatt, cukes for Augie, and a sunbutter and jelly sandwich for each of them. I also threw in a grape ZFruit for a treat after I took the photo.

Airplane Snack for Dad

Speaking of my husband and airplanes, I also packed him a snack to get him through to lunch time. He had strawberries, cheddar cheese slices, crackers and some carrots. This was packed in a single layer of our Bentgo box. Nice and simple!


The Last of Everything Yumbox Bento

This lunch looks pretty good, I admit, but there was a dark underbelly to it. Every item you see in this lunch box was the very last bit of that thing in the house. I desperately needed to go to the grocery store and I frankly can’t believe that I managed to find enough food for the kids’ lunches considering how empty our fridge was.For a minute I thought I might have to send them with pickle chips, barbecue sauce and some questionable sauerkraut, but a little digging and using things up helped me pull this off.

They boys had twin lunches packed into Yumbox Paninos: the last of the sunbutter and the last of the jam on the last four slices of bread (each kid got one of the heels), the last scraggly strawberries and blueberries, the end of the cucumber (Augie only) and the bottom of the bag of maple-rosemary sunflower seeds.

The struggle is real, people!


Terrific Leftovers in the Bentology Box

I have to admit it: I’m jealous of my kids’ lunches today! Most of what I packed was leftovers from our dinner last night, but there was only enough for their two lunches so I’m going to be scrounging in the fridge while they feast on blackberries, raspberries, a cheddar garlic bread stick, leftover corn that I cut off the cob and a couple of yogurt-pesto chicken drumsticks. They had the exact same lunches, both packed into our Bentology lunch boxes.


Snacky Yumbox for Augie

On Thursday the boys requested snacky lunches, so I pulled out the Yumboxes. Augie had a half of a cheddar-garlic bread stick, strawberries, blueberries, ranch sunflower seeds (the new fad at camp), deli turkey roll-ups, and cucumber slices.

Snacky Yumbox for Wyatt

Wyatt had nearly the same lunch — half a cheddar-garlic bread stick, strawberries, blueberries, ranch sunflower seeds and deli turkey roll-ups — the only thing I swapped out for his lunch was radish slices.


Kid's Choice Bento with Sandwich, Berries and Cucumbers

When I asked the boys what they wanted in their lunch boxes, they both requested sunflower seed butter and grape jelly sandwiches. So easy! Thanks kids! In addition to the sandwich, Augie had blueberries and cucumber slices and I threw in a couple Starburts candies as a surprise. This was packed in a Yumbox Panino.

Kid's Choice Bento with Sandwich, Berries and Radishes

Wyatt had the sunflower butter and jelly sandwich, in a Yumbox Panino, along with blueberries, radish slices and his own Starbursts. I think I might have goofed there though. Now that I’m thinking clearly, I’m pretty sure those are a humongous no-no when you have braces. Gotta go! The Parenting Police just came to throw me in Mom Jail!

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