The Week in Bentos: More 2015 Day Camp Lunches

by Wendy Copley on July 10, 2015

The kids were back in camp this week, so I am coming at you with another summer edition of the week in bentos. Let’s dive right in!

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New Orange Yumbox Lunch

First up is a lunch packed in our new ORANGE Yumbox! How awesome is that color?? I am going to be writing a full review of this lunch box soon that highlights all the improvements Yumbox has made to their original box, but for today I’ll just say that my love for the Yumbox has been fully renewed.

This lunch was for Augie and it held: a couple freezer meatballs, half a leftover bratwurst (in a rectangular silicone cup), watermelon and cantaloupe chunks, carrot sticks (in a green silicone cup so they didn’t blend in with the box too much), pirate’s booty, cucumber slices, a few cookies and a CLIF ZFruit.

Wyatt had an almost identical lunch, packed into our green Yumbox, but I accidentally deleted the photo.

(Full disclosure: Yumbox is a sponsor of my blog and they sent me this lunch box to review but I am always honest with you about what I do and don’t like in a lunch box.)


Pork and Melon Bentology Lunch

On Tuesday, I pulled out our new Bentology boxes. Augie had pirate’s booty, leftover grilled pork, watermelon, cucumber slices and a strawberry cereal bar.

I also included an all-in-one spoon/fork/knife combo thingy for eating the melon. We got one of these as a freebie a few years ago and the kids were always fighting over who got to use it in his lunch, so when I accidentally slammed it in the diswasher door and broke it in half I decided to buy a 4-pack of them. No more arguments, everyone is happy.

Pork and Melon Bentology Lunch

Wyatt also had a Bentology box and an orange spork. His lunch was pirate’s booty, leftover pork, cantaloupe, a cereal bar and thinly sliced carrots with ranch dressing for dipping. The carrots are sliced that way so he can eat them with his braces.


Baguette Sandwich Lunch

On Wednesday I made the kids identical lunches: snap peas, a ham and butter sandwich on baguette, blackberries, and bacon-flavored popcorn. I packed them in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

The sandwiches — normally a big hit with my kids — were a total failure by the way. I forgot that Wyatt can’t eat baguette with his braces (BAD MOM!) so he had to pick the meat out and leave the rest. I have no idea why Augie didn’t eat his but it was virtually untouched when I went to empty his lunch box out.


Boring sandwich Yumbox

The kids had identical lunches again on Thursday: delicious chocolate-caramel-shortbread bars that Daddy brought them back from a work trip, a sunbutter and jelly sandwich, strawberries, plum and a few cucumber slices for Augie and carrot slices for Wyatt. The lunches were packed in our Yumbox Paninos.

Husband's Airplane Bento

BONUS GROWN-UP BENTO: Speaking of my traveling husband, he was off on another trip Thursday morning so I packed him a lunch for the plane. He had a chocolate chip cookie bar (cut in half to fit in the box), a ham and butter sandwich, strawberries, carrot sticks and cucumber slices all packed up in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.


Yumbox Lunch for Day Camp

Today, the kids were back at camp with their Yumboxes. Augie had cantaloupe, bacon popcorn, cukes, jelly beans (leftover from our trip to the Jelly Belly factory back in June), turkey meatballs and a chocolate chip cookie bar.

Yumbox Lunch for Day Camp

Wyatt a nearly identical Yumbox lunch packed with cantaloupe, bacon popcorn, leftover corn, jelly beans (leftover from our trip to the Jelly Belly factory back in June), turkey meatballs and a chocolate chip cookie bar.

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