The Week in Bentos: Day Camp 2015

by Wendy Copley on June 19, 2015

My boys have been in day camp this week and it’s one of the few times this summer I’ll be consistently packing them lunches, so I thought it would be fun to go back to my roots and post a summary of what they had. Yep — The Week in Bentos is back for one week only!

Here’s what they had in their day camp lunches:

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Sports Camp Lunch in Bentology Box

We were up bright and early Monday morning because all of us were excited about camp. YAY CAMP! Our early start, plus the fact that the kids don’t need to be at camp until 9 am gave us a bit of a more relaxed morning. (I assure you there was still some yelling about shoes though.) That gave me a bit of extra time to play with the lunches and camp-ify them.

Wyatt went grocery shopping with me on Sunday afternoon and while we were walking the aisles of Trader Joes he spotted pretzel rolls and concocted a sandwich he wanted in his lunch box on the spot. OK then! I cut one of the pretzel rolls in half and gave each kid a sandwich with ham and butter on it. Kind of a German/French hybrid of a jambon buerre. They both reported back that it was super tasty. I put letter picks in it to spell out “CAMP”. The rest of Augie’s Bentology lunch box held sour cream and onion Pirate’s Booty, cucumbers (including one cut into a bear shape. There are no bears at their camp, but I took a little artistic license.), and blueberries (some of which were threaded onto leaf picks).

I also tucked a few cookies into the silverware compartment. You’ll notice I’m a lot looser about treats during the summer as I go through the rest of these lunches.

First Day of Sports Camp Lunch

Wyatt had the exact same lunch as Augie, but he had strawberries instead of cucumbers because it is a nightmare to get him to eat any vegetables at the moment.


Bento Lunch for Sports Camp

For the second day of sports camp, I made Augie a PlanetBox lunch with a few sporty accents. He had cucumbers, hummus for dipping them, pretzel thins with a disposable soccer ball pick tucked into them, blueberries (I threaded a few onto a baseball cap pick) and another ham and butter sandwich on a pretzel roll because he liked the one I made yesterday so much.

Wyatt had leftover rice and pork from Monday dinner, plus a few berries. I forgot to take a photo!


Meatballs in the Thermos Lunch for Day Camp

On Wednesday, the boys had nearly identical thermos lunches so I only took one photo: leftover mashed potatoes, freezer meatballs tossed with bbq sauce, blueberries, strawberries and a Clif Kid ZFruit rope.


Ham and Hash Browns Yumbox Lunch #1

Thursday the kids had identical lunches again. Hooray for identical lunches! I packed them in our Yumbox Paninos: hash browns (reheated from the freezer and cooled down again before adding to the lunch box), ham, grapes, a strawberry, letter cookies and Pirate’s Booty.

I thought I had put an “A” cookie front and center for Augie but I see now that it’s a “4”. Duh.

Ham and Hash Browns Yumbox Lunch #2

And as I said, Wyatt had the exact same thing: Yumbox Panino, hash browns, ham, grapes, a strawberry, letter cookies and Pirate’s Booty. I got the “W” for Wyatt right though!


Batman Lunch for Day Camp

Today the kids asked me to make them sunbutter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. So easy! Augie wanted a Batman theme for his bento, so I cut his sandwich with our bat sandwich cutter, then added disposable paper Batman picks to his cucumbers and berries. (This lunch was packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.)

Sunbutter Sandwich for Day Camp

Wyatt also had a sunbutter and jelly sandwich, along with grapes, blueberries and strawberries. No decoration for him because he prefers his lunches plain. (His lunch was also packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.)

What are you putting in day camp lunches?

A week of day camp lunches -- great inspiration!

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