Crescent Roll-Ups Four Ways

by Wendy Copley on May 28, 2015

Crescent Roll-ups Four Ways -- These are EASY and great for snacks or lunch boxes

A few months ago I started making ham and cheese crescent rolls for the boys’ lunches (and many, many after school snacks). Whenever I post a lunch with one of these rolls in it, I get a few questions about how I make them. They are ridiculously easy! So easy, in fact, that I decided to show how I put them together in a quick video.

The technique is pretty basic, so it’s easy to adapt it to any ingredients you have on hand. No cheddar? Put in a little jack cheese! Vegetarian? Pesto will do just fine.

Watch this short video to get the details:

(The lunch box in the video is made by EasyLunchboxes.)

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