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by Wendy Copley on March 20, 2015

For many years, I posted a weekly round-up of photos from our week on Wendolonia. As the bento and lunch stuff picked up, the daily life stuff fell by the wayside and honestly I’ve begun to miss it a little. A lot of these photos have moved over to social media. I post to my personal Facebook page, of course, and I lovey, love, love Instagram but I also like posting this sort of thing here so I’m going to make an effort to get back to it.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to the last week:

Saturday: tried broiled grapefruit for the first time

Saturday: I tried broiled grapefruit for the first time. I’ve read about this dish many times and I’ve always been curious because cooked grapefruit seems completely wacky to me on some level. I was reminded of it when I saw a recipe for it in my newest cookbook, Sheet Pan Suppers, and I decided to give it a whirl. I liked it. It needed a little more sugar, but the flavor was intense and interesting.

Monday: a sunset that almost made me cry

Monday: The light on the hills was weird when I came out of the grocery store, and when I turned around to look to the west, this was what I saw. The sunset was so amazing that I wanted to shout to everyone in the parking lot to look at it, but I was too embarrassed so instead I called Zach and told him to take the kids outside so none of them missed it.

Tuesday: St. Patrick's day lunch

Tuesday: You’ve gotta give the kids a special lunch on St. Patrick’s Day when you blog about bento boxes so this is what I made Wyatt. I packed it in our our new Laptop Lunches​ Bentology box: garlic naan shamrocks, a pot o’ gold (pineapple), carrots and black bean dip, chicken chunks and some gold coins (rice crackers).

Reminder: even though I’m no longer posting The Week in Bentos, I am still updating the Bento Box Gallery with all the kids lunches. Go take a look if you’ve been missing these posts!

Thursday: My first shrub

Thursday: Have you ever had a shrub? I hadn’t until yesterday. A shrub is a drink made by combining a fruity, sweet vinegar syrup with soda water. (They’re non-alcoholic but you can add hooch if you want.) Coincidentally I’d read about shrubs in my new Cooking Light on Wednesday, then I was offered one the very next day! Did I want to try one? Heck yeah! I liked it and now I want to try making them at home.

Friday: a note from Charles Dickens

Friday: This morning while I was having coffee with my friend, Whitney, the guy at the next table kept engaging us in conversation. I chatted with him a bit between talk of orthodontia and YouTube and when he got up to leave he asked if I’d like an autographed page from David Copperfield. “Sure,” I said. Because how could I not?

Friday: beauteous fruits and veggies

More Friday: On the way home from coffee I stopped at my favorite produce market to get fat carrots for an upcoming blog post (Mark Bittman just wrote about it in the NYT!), and I ended up buying a bunch of bee-YOO-tiful fruits and veggies.  The mangos are probably the best thing I’ve eaten this month.

What did you do this week?

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