The Week in Bento: November 17-21, 2014

by Wendy Copley on November 24, 2014

November continues and I’ve still got kids home from school! Wyatt was sick last week, so he missed a few days of school, but I tried to step up my game a bit with Augie’s lunch, so even though it’s a bit of a light week, I have some cute lunches and snacks to share. I also added three (!!) new lunch boxes to my collection so you’ll see a few of those down below.

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Another Better-Than-Lunchables LunchBots Lunch

Monday started off with a couple of classic better-than-Lunchables bentos for the boys. Why do I think these are better? Because they have lots of fruits and veggies, real cheese, nitrate/nitrite-free deli meats and whole wheat crackers instead of a bunch of processed junk and sugar. I’m not saying they are perfect by any stretch of the imagination but the kids love them and I feel OK about making them for them.

Wyatt’s was packed in our LunchBots Trio: clementine wedges, cherry tomatoes, whole wheat crackers, ham and cubes of colby-jack cheese.

Better-than-lunchables Lunch

I packed Augie’s lunch in our new LunchBots Quad! I’ve been wanting one of these for years now and I finally kicked down the cash to buy one. I’m loving it so far, so you’ll probably be seeing this one again and again. (I also got a much-coveted LunchBots Cinco that I’ve been wanting since they were introduced earlier this year. You’ll be seeing that one in action next week!)

This lunch was made up of tomatoes, cukes, clementines, snap peas, ham and crackers.

Stripes and Semi-circles Bento Snack

This week I resolved to make Augie’s snack bentos a little bit cuter than I have been. (They’ve been booooor-ing.) This one was my first attempt: stripey apple and clementines. OK, so it wasn’t off the charts cute or anything, but it’s a start, right?


Dog and Cat Bento Snack

Wyatt was home sick on Tuesday so all I made was a snack box for Augie. He had rice crackers, grapes, cucumbers and tomatoes. I added a couple dog and cat picks and a few sheets of doggy and kitty baran to make it cuter. This was packed in our Steeltainer snack-size box.


Pantry Basics Yumbox Lunch

On Wednesday, I pulled our Yumbox original out to make this snacky lunch for Mr. A. He had holiday Wheat Thins, apple chunks, a two-bite brownie, snap peas, hummus and turkey meatballs.

Fruity snack bento

Augie’s snack was cherry tomatoes (on a cherry stems pick), an orange in a silicone orange cup and cucumber slices.


Mini BBQ sandwiches thermos lunch

Wyatt was back at school on Thursday and he took dinner leftovers for lunch. He had bbq chicken in the Thermos food jar, with a couple dinner rolls as the bread to make little sandwiches. I packed crackers and apple chunks into the other two sections of the LunchBots Quad.

For snack, Augie had cucumbers, a clementine in a squirrel cup and cherry tomatoes on a cherry stems pick.


Bread, cheese and apples LunchBots Bento

I packed another sorta-Lunchables lunch for Wyatt on Friday. Wheat Thins, cheese cubes, a dinner roll, deli ham roll-ups and apple chunks. This went into our LunchBots Trio again.

Wintery Snowman Lunch in the Yumbox

Early last week, I posted a note on my FB page saying how much I wanted the new Fifth Avenue Blue Yumbox and I was very pleasantly surprised to get one in the mail from the Yumbox crew a few days later! (I wasn’t fishing for one, I swear!)

People, this lunch box is even prettier in person than it looks online — the photos don’t do it justice. The icy, wintery blue inspired me to make a snowy lunch for Augie. Often when you see one of the fancier, themed lunches here on Wendolonia, a certain amount of planning has gone into it but this was pulled together in less than 10 minutes with items I had on hand. The snowman sandwich was made with sunbutter and jelly and I cut it with a couple of basic circle cutters. His eyes were dotted on with a food-safe markers and the scarf is a sugar snap pea that I cut in half. I peeled the last clementine in the fruit bowl and placed the segments in the empty space around Frosty then added a few snowflake sprinkles from my “winter” bento stash that I pulled off the high shelf earlier this week. I also added a few apple chunks and carved a snowflake into one of them (using the carving technique described here) along with more snap peas on a snowflake pick and the bottom of the bag of yogurt raisins. Augie was thrilled with this lunch and ate all of it!

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