The Week in Bentos: September 29 – October 3, 2014

by Wendy Copley on October 6, 2014

Last week’s lunches were…interesting. I never managed to do a big shop — just a few little ones — so I felt like I was pulling lunches and snacks for the kids out of the air practically every day. Even so I managed to get food in boxes every day, so I guess things weren’t that desperate. Also: we celebrated Wyatt’s 10th birthday so I had a special lunch for that day. Check it out:

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Refrigerator Clean-out Lunch

Monday I packed leftover curried pork roast on Superman and Batman picks, a mini bagel with lox and cream cheese, dried cranberries and apple slices. This was all put into an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

Checkered Apple and Cracker Snacker

Augie had some checkered apples (see a tutorial for making these) and some Saltine crackers that I packed into our Steeltainer snack-size box.


Mini Lox Bagels Lunch

On Tuesday, I packed Wyatt a Laptop Lunches box with mini bagels with lox and cream cheese, carrots, apple slices, and lemon herb popcorn.

Initial Apple Snack

Augie had apple slices and popcorn for his snack. I carved his initials in one of the larger apple chunks using a U-shaped knife.  Instructions for that can be found over here.


Cheesy Ham Rolls

Wednesday, I had some more of the cheesy ham rolls I made last week so those went into the EasyLunchboxes bento box for Wyatt along with some apple chunks (speared with a soccer ball pick) and lemon-herb popcorn.

Apple and Ham Roll Car Snack

Augie had a car-shaped bento box filled with apples and a ham roll of his own. I also poked a couple of truck picks into the apples for a smidge of cute-osity.


10th Birthday Lunch

Thursday was Wyatt’s 10th birthday and I had grand plans to make him a special lunch to take to school. The only problem? I didn’t get to the store the day before and our cupboards were bare! Yikes! I feel like I pulled this lunch out of the air but he seemed happy with it. He had some dumplings from the freezer, an applesauce pouch, potato chip crumbs, alphabet cookies, and dried cranberries. It never hurts to add potato chips and cookies, right? I used party hat and eye picks to make little dudes from the dumplings and I pulled a one and a zero cookie out to add a ten to the lunch.

Cucumber cuties snack

Augie had an applesauce pouch and cucumber slices decorated with  hat and eye picks.


Endless Shrimp Yumbox

We went out for all-you-can-eat shrimp for Wyatt’s birthday dinner and they brought us far more shrimp than we could actually eat so he had the leftovers in his Yumbox the next day. There were breaded shrimp, coconut shrimp and garlic and parmesan scampi. He also had some cookies, a cheddar biscuit, dried cranberries and an applesauce pouch.

Augie was home sick, so I didn’t pack anything for him.

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