The Week in Bentos: September 8-12, 2014

by Wendy Copley on September 15, 2014

Good morning! I’ve got another full week of lunches and snacks for you to peruse today:

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Mini bagel lunch for a big kid

Wyatt asked me to use the Laptop Lunches box (his all time favorite) to pack his lunch Monday morning so I pulled it off the shelf and filled it with berries, snap peas, letter cookies and a mini bagel with cream cheese. The snap peas were something he agreed to try, but when I opened his lunch box after school they were untouched. Hmph!

Banana chips and cukes snack

Augie had banana chips and cucumbers with hummus for his snack. I packed them in the little car snack boxes.


Kid-packed Laptop Lunches bento

Tuesday we were running late and I told Wyatt he’d have to eat school lunch. He was not happy about that idea at all though so I told him he could pack his own lunch while I took care of breakfast, Augie’s snack and getting myself ready. This is what he came up with: carrots and black bean dip, letter cookies, berries and turkey meatballs. I think he did a terrific job! (This was packed in a a Laptop Lunches bento box.)

Cucumbers and berries snack

Augie had cucumbers and berries packed in our black polka dot snack box.  I separated the berries from the cukes with a square silicone cup.


Fruit heavy SB&J lunch

On Wednesday, I used our Yumbox Panino to pack Wyatt’s lunch. He had a sunbutter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread, strawberries, golden dewlicious melon (a new variety we were trying) and a few letter cookies.

Melon, berries and bears snack

Augie had strawberries and melon. I packed it in our Steeltainer snack-size box and decorated it with giraffe and bear picks.


Pasta thermos, fruit and Asian jelly snack lunch

Thursday, Wyatt had leftover pasta in our LunchBots thermal jar. I also packed him a side car with a mini banana, strawberries and a small jelly snack from the Asian grocery.

Mini banana snack

Augie also had a mini banana and some berries along with rosemary raisin crackers. This was packed in our Steeltainer snack-size box.


5th grader pizza lunch -- my kid loved me so much for this one!

I think Wyatt’s love for me grew 1000 times bigger when I packed him this lunch: leftover pizza slices, alphabet cookies and strawberries. Easy peasy in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

Watermelon and cucumber snack

Augie had yellow watermelon and cucumbers. My favorite grumpy giraffe pick made another appearance and I also included a sheet of animal baran to separate the melon from the cukes. This was packed in a single layer of our house bento box.

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