99 Ranch Grocery Haul

by Wendy Copley on September 12, 2014

I live about a half a mile from a large Asian grocery store called 99 Ranch Market and yesterday I headed over for a quick shop. When I got home, I made this video to show you — yes, YOU — the stuff I bought:

Here’s a quick explanation of the things I show in the video:

  • Yan-Yan: these are a fun treat that the kids and I like to get when we hit the Japanese dollar store and other Asian markets. One side of the container holds cookie sticks, the other has a creamy frosting-like goo for dipping them in.
  • Thai tea, sweetened condensed milk and tapioca pearls (boba): one of my favorite drinks of all time is Thai iced tea, so I bought the ingredients to make it at home. Extra bonus: I bought the big tapioca pearls to try making bubble tea.
  • Mini sausages: I bought two kinds — pork sausage and franks with cheese — in the hopes they will work with my little sausage decorator set. I didn’t realize how very red the franks were until I got them home and held them side by side. Kind of disconcerting…
  • Mini bananas: perfect for a bento box
  • Yellow watermelon: Augie had this at his aunt and uncles a few weeks ago and was entranced by it. Another great item for the bento boxes.
  • Big tub of fruit jelly pudding: I bought these tiny little cups of jello like stuff as a treat for the kids and they are ga-ga over them. To me, they just taste like jellied Kool-aid so they aren’t really my cup of tea.
  • Strawberry wafer sticks: I thought these were cute and they looked yummy, but the stuff inside the cookie straws tastes like plastic. The kids don’t seem to notice or care because they are ga-ga over these too.

One thing that was a little disappointing about my trip to 99 Ranch? No bento supplies! They have a whole aisle with kitchen supplies, but nothing fun — or even boring — for bento. Oh, well!


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