The Week in Bentos: September 1-5, 2014

by Wendy Copley on September 8, 2014

Ready for another week of lunches and snacks? Here are the bentos I packed for my boys last week:

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Monday was a holiday so we were hanging out at home. I stepped on a bee in our back yard and my foot swelled up a bunch so my husband made the kids soup for lunch. Super glamorous!


Pimento Cheese LunchBots

On Tuesday we were back at it. I packed Wyatt’s lunch in our LunchBots Trio: red bell pepper strips, ham roll-ups, blackberries and Food Should Taste Good brown rice crackers spread with homemade pimento cheese and made into little sandwiches. The pimento cheese is a recipe I tried from Lisa Leake’s new book, 100 Days of Real Food (based on her blog of the same name). I’ve been reading Lisa’s blog for quite a while now and I’m enjoying the book’s tips and strategies for improving my family’s diet. I’m not sure we could go all the way like Lisa’s family has, but every little bit helps, right?

The crackers were something new we are trying. Food Should Taste Good sent us a big box of their products to sample a couple weeks ago and we just started digging into it last week. The kids have been pretty into these crackers and have asked to eat them for a snack several times. They’re gluten-free, whole grain and all that jazz, but the kids didn’t even notice.

Berries, grapes and cracker snacker

For snack Augie had grapes in a little star cup with a hippo pick, blackberries and some of the same Food Should Taste Good brown rice crackers that Wyatt had.


Bagel Bento

Wednesday Wyatt had some Food Should Taste Good blue corn tortilla chips, a mini bagel with cream cheese, nectarine chunks, grape tomatoes and a small handful of Fruit Loops. The Fruit Loops were a birthday treat I bought for Augie who turned six over the weekend. I only buy sugared cereal for the kids twice a year on their birthdays, so this was a special treat. This was packed in our Yumbox Panino.

Figs and Pigs

I call this snack box “Figs and Pigs”. A few sliced figs from our backyard tree, pig picks for decoration and some crusty old carrot sticks. I also included a small box of the same blue corn tortilla chips Wyatt had, but forgot to photograph it. Apparently I also forgot to put the lid on this box properly because Augie complained that everything fell out into his lunch bag and was all mushed together so he didn’t eat it. I don’t really blame him — it was pretty disgusting to clean up.


Rainbow Yumbox

On Thursday we were in a big rush, so Wyatt had this basic Yumbox lunch: fish crackers, grape tomatoes, nectarine chunks, corn and turkey meatballs. The grape tomatoes are a new vegetable Wyatt was trying this week. Despite putting them in his lunches most days, I think he ate a total of two. Maybe their not really a hit…

As I said, I was super rushed, so I just threw an applesauce pouch and a container of soy milk in Augie’s backpack. No time for or point in taking a photo.


Lots of stuff bento

On Friday, Wyatt had a snacky lunch with six different items (packed in this bento box): dried cranberries, rice crackers, blackberries, pimento cheese, tomatoes and a few slices of summer sausage.

I’m under no delusion that the summer sausage was a healthy choice, by the way. The first item in the ingredient list was “meat ingredients”. What the heck does that even mean?? I don’t think I want to know! But this is something we had for a treat sometimes when I was a kid and I rarely (if ever) spot it in the store in California so when I saw it at our grocery store I threw it in my cart on a nostalgic whim.

Black snack for kindergarten

It was black day at kindergarten so I packed Augie a special black lunch with lots of panda bears. He had dried cranberries with a panda and bamboo baran, for decoration and blackberries with cute little panda picks. This was packed in our Steeltainer snack-size box. (I know the cranberries are technically very dark red, but close enough!)

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