The Week in Bentos: August 18-22, 2014

by Wendy Copley on August 25, 2014

Phwew! The first week of the new school year is officially over. The kids had a pretty good week over all and I was happy to have a few uninterrupted hours to work each day. We are still adjusting to our new, earlier schedule though. Well, mostly I’m adjusting to a new earlier schedule — the kids are fine! I’ve been trying to do better at packing their lunches/snacks the night before so things aren’t so rushed in the morning and mostly it’s working.

Augie is currently wait-listed for a spot in the after school program so he only had snacks this week. When he starts (hopefully in a few weeks) I’ll have lunches for him too.

Let’s go!

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Wyatt requested mini-tacos for the first lunch of the school year, so I made sure to buy a box when I went to Trader Joes. I’m not super thrilled with the quality of these, though I think they’re fine for a lunch once in a while. I’m thinking I might try to make them myself at home though. I paired the little tacos with some spicy edamame guacamole for dipping. Wyatt tried this at the sample table on a trip to TJ’s and I was shocked — shocked! — that he liked it because it’s made of two foods he normally rejects — avocados and edamame. I was happy to buy some when he asked me to.

He also had carrots, black bean dip, blueberries and a few Nilla Wafers. This was packed in our Yumbox Panino.

First day of school snack for a kindergartner

I packed Augie’s snack in our Steeltainer snack-size box: yellow bell pepper strips, carrots, hummus and blueberries with lion and hippo fork picks.


Easy Yumbox lunch for a fifth grader

Tuesday Wyatt asked for a Yumbox again. These are quickly becoming some of his favorite lunch boxes and he requests them frequently now. We are working on expanding Wyatt’s palate for vegetables and he told me he would like to give red bell peppers a try. So I packed some of those along with  pirate’s booty, strawberries, blueberries, a blueberry cereal bar and low-sodium salami slices.

Iron Man snack

Augie had salami in a silicone baking cup, red and yellow bell pepper strips decorated with an Iron Man ring, hummus in a Lego cup and just a few blueberries to fill the last little bit of space in the bento box.

Little House bento box

Augie wanted this snack to be packed in our little house bento box, but if I had used both layers it would have been much too big. Instead I just used a single layer of the box. This is a great trick when you only need a little bit of food and it works well with a lot of traditional Japanese 2-tier bento boxes.


Minecraft lunch for my 5th grader

Wednesday was Minecraft day! I wanted to make extra cool, fully-themed Minecraft lunches with our new Minecraft cookie cutters this week but I didn’t get it together to do the planning so instead I decided to just dive in and use the stuff I had on hand. This ended up being some red bell pepper. I used the cutters to make a creeper and a sword and the kids were borderline disgusted that I used a red pepper instead of a green one because “Creepers are green. Duh, Mom.” Little ingrates!

Wyatt also got strawberries, Ritz-like crackers, salami and Nilla Wafers. I packed his lunch in a Laptop Lunches bento box.

Minecraft snack for a kindergartner

Augie also had not-green Creeper peppers, salami and crackers. I packed this in our car snack box.


 5th Grader Pasta lunch

Thursday morning I reheated some leftover pasta for Wyatt and packed it into our LunchBots thermal jar. It was a big portion, so I kept the side dish smallish and just filled a side-car box with strawberries.

Silly cucumber snack for a kindergartener

Augie had cucumbers with smiley faces stamped into them, a small tub of hummus and strawberries with dancing panda picks. This was packed in the Steeltainer snack-size box.


5th grader yumbox

Friday Wyatt’s lunch was a repeat of the stuff he had throughout the rest of the week: salami, strawberries, crackers, carrots, black bean dip and Nilla Wafers. This was packed in a Yumbox original — again.

A red snack for red day at Kindergarten!

Friday was RED day at Kindergarten! Augie dressed in a red shirt, brought a red toy for sharing and learned the red song and dance so of course he needed a red snack to go with it! I used a red inner container from one of our Laptop Lunches sets and filled it with a red silicone cup with salami inside along with some strawberries and a red crayon pick.

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