The Week in Bentos: July 21-25, 2014

by Wendy Copley on July 30, 2014

Whew! I’m a little later than usual with my wrap-up of last week’s lunches. It’s been a busy week in Wendolonia-land with a fun but exhausting trip to the BlogHer ’14 conference and a couple of tight work deadlines. But I am SO dedicated to sharing my kids’ packed lunches with you that I persevere! Read on to see what my kids ate last week. PLUS — a dad-made lunch!

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Preschooler Bento #692

Monday morning, Augie asked for a ham and butter baguette sandwich again. (He ate about 5 of these last week, too.) He also had strawberries with a little frog pick, teeny little champagne grapes and a Persian cucumber. This was packed in our yellow sandwich box.

Big Kid Accidental bento lunch #923

And I packed this lunch for Wyatt in our Laptop Lunches bento box: a big chunk of baguette, leftover ribs from dinner, strawberries and champagne grapes. The only trouble? He didn’t need a lunch for his day camp. Doh! I forgot his camp was over at noon and didn’t realize until this was already packed. It did make lunch time easier when he got home though.


Preschooler Bento #693

On Tuesday Augie took this lunch I made for last week’s 3 Tools, 4 Lunches challenge to school. You can get all the details on this lunch here. This was packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

Preschooler Bento #693: After

Here is what I found when I opened his lunch box after school. Lots of food left in this lunch box — most of the blueberries and cucumbers and the biscuit was untouched. All he really ate was the ham. This is pretty unusual for him because he has a big appetite at lunch time, so I sat him down at the table when we got home and he finished it then.


Preschooler Bento #694

On Wednesday we tried our new Yumbox Panino lunch box for the first time! The original Yumbox is one of our favorites and Yumbox is a long-time sponsor of this site, so I was very excited to try the new configuration of this box when they offered me one for review. This new version has a large section that can fit a full-sized sandwich along with three smaller sections for side dishes. So far, I am really liking this lunch box and though I’ve only used it a few times so far, I think it’s a great option if you’re looking for a new lunch box for back to school.

This lunch was designed by Augie and executed by me. Or in other words, he bossed me around and told me what to put in it the lunch box and I did what he said. He had a couple celery sticks, carrots, a Cuddle Palz tiger pb&j, mango chunks, champagne grapes and some white cheddar popcorn.


Preschooler Bento #695

Augie enjoyed using the Yumbox Panino so much on Wednesday that he asked if he could have it again on Thursday. (The lunch box apple doesn’t fall far from the bento tree, apparently…) I gave him cucumber spears, salami slices in a square silicone cup, a guitar pb&j, carrots, celery, cashews and blueberries.

Day Camp Snack #176

Wyatt had been opting to take granola bars to camp for his snack most of the week, but we were out on Thursday so I packed him this little snack box with salami slices and mini Saltine crackers. I used to pack  him little bento snacks all the time in Kindergarten, but I haven’t done it for a long time. This was good practice for me because I’ll need to start making these again when Augie starts Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks!


Preschooler Bento #696

On Friday I was off at BlogHer so my husband, Zach, packed Augie’s lunch. Though he is perfectly capable of making lunch for the kids, I do it almost exclusively because it’s kind of my thing….you know?

He packed this lunch in our monbento box: salami slices, carrot sticks, strawberries, half a hot dog bun, a banana and some white cheddar popcorn.

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