3 Tools, 3 Lunches: EasyLunchboxes, Flower Cutters, and Leaf Picks

by Wendy Copley on June 25, 2014

See how 3 bloggers made completely different lunches using the same 3 tools

Welcome back to 3 Tools, 4 Lunches! I had to take last week off due to some difficulties that befell several of the bloggers who were scheduled to post (including me), but this week we are back on track…mostly. I’ve had a rotten cold this week, so I decided to skip making a lunch, but I have three gorgeous lunches from some of my bento friends to share.

If you are unfamiliar with this series, each week I recruit three bento lunch packers and challenge them to create a lunch using the same three tools. My goals are to show the variety of ways different bento tools can be  used and to showcase some talented bento-ists who you may not know about yet.

OK, this is cool! Four moms use the same tools to make different lunches.

Here are the tools that were used this week:

  • EasyLunchboxes bento box — a versatile, economical choice that allows creative bento creations to shine.
  • Wilton Nesting Flower Cutters — these cutters come in six sizes and are a basic flower shape which makes them extra versatile.
  • Leaf Picks — add a bit of greenery to your lunch with this cute leaf picks.

And here are the lunches:

Jackie from Loving Lunches made this sweet flowery bento box

This first lunch is from Jackie at Loving Lunches. You may remember Jackie’s cute owl lunch from a couple weeks ago. Today she is sharing a pretty lunch packed with flowers.  Here’s how she describes the contents of this lunch:

  • Strawberry, watermelon & grape ‘salad’, cut with smallest flower cutter
  • Puff Pastry morsels cut with middle sized flower & imprinted with smallest, then topped with strawberry jam & piped full of strawberry cheesecake spread.
  • Ham rosettes & cheese flower cut outs on top of lettuce. The bread & cheese ‘rolling hills’ were cut with the flower cutter after rolling the bread up sushi style. The cloud up top is made form a single slice of bread cut with the largest flower cutter & imprinted with two smaller sizes, filled with butter & jam & sealed with the next size down.
Sarah from Blame It on the Bento made a sweet lunch with flower cutters and leaf picksPhoto courtesy of Sarah Denton, Blame it on the Bento

The next lunch is by Sarah Denton of Blame it on the Bento. Sarah made flower-shaped nut butter sandwiches with sprinkles and planted them in a flowerpot with crushed oreo soil on top of a little more nut butter. She accented them with leaf picks. For sides she cut cucumber and carrots with the small cutters and added in some strawberries and blueberries. You can find out more about this lunch on Sarah’s blog.

Sarah has been packing bento lunches for about 18 months and she likes to pack fun lunches for her three kids who are 9, 9 and 11. She describes her lunches as a little geeky, with science fiction or vintage cartoon themes. She occasionally packs lunches for herself as well.

Becky at Food for Harper made a bouquet of flowers for her daughter

The final lunch is from Becky Williamson of Food for Harper.  This is how Becky describes her blog: “I document lunches I make for my almost-4 year old girl, Harper, and I’ve just begun to document what I prepare for 19 month old boy, Adler. The lunches do not take me longer than 15 minutes to prepare and they all usually include the five basic food groups. I love color!”

This lunch includes a flower peanut butter and honey sandwich with rainbow nonpareils in the spaces. Becky used two different sized flower cutters – one to create the shape of the sandwich, and one to reveal the contents of the sandwich. The side dishes are cucumber flowers and cherry tomatoes with a leaf pick to attached to make them look like a pair of cherries. The dairy is a Mini Babybel with a flower cutout and pineapple bits were included for a serving of fruit.

Do you have these tools? How do you like to use them?

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