The Week in Bentos: May 27-30, 2014

by Wendy Copley on June 2, 2014

Last week was a little bit light for bentos. It was a short week because of the holiday, of course, but I also forgot to take photos of not one, but two of the kids lunches. I do that very rarely, so I must really be ready for our easier summer schedule to start up! Here are the lunches I did pack:

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Monday was a holiday, so I didn’t pack any lunches.


Tuesday was not a holiday and I did pack a lunch for Augie, but I apparently either deleted the photo I took accidentally or forgot to take one altogether.

What did he eat? I have no idea! Probably cucumbers or something…


Preschool Bento #656

Wednesday I packed his lunch in the PlanetBox Rover. He had a salami rose in a silicone baking cups, broken Triscuits, strawberries, frozen mango chunks with a giraffe pick to eat them and cucumber slices.

I’ve had a few questions about how I make the salami rose lately so there might be other people out there wondering. If you are looking for a tutorial, there is one on page 105 of my book, Everyday Bento.


Preschool Bento #657

Augie’s lunch was pretty plain on Thursday: a crescent roll, a few dried cranberries in a corner silicone cup, strawberries, a sliced pineapple sausage and a few sugar snap peas. This was packed in our LunchBots Trio.

Wyatt also had a lunch on Thursday because he had a school field trip. He packed it himself, and in all the excitement I forgot to take a picture. he had pineapple sausage, strawberries, a crescent roll, and an applesauce pouch.


Big Kid Bento #910

On Friday Wyatt packed his own lunch again (with a little help from me. He used his favorite Laptop Lunches box and filled it with a mini dipper of salsa, tortilla chips, blueberries, strawberries, ham spirals and a crescent roll.

Preschool Bento #658

Augie had a lunch with lots of different stuff in it. I was kind of thinking of it as an appetizer veggie tray that you would put together for a party or something as I was making it. He had  ham spirals, pretzel chips, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, cukes, snap peas, hummus, and a crescent roll.

When we went out to the car to go to school, it wouldn’t start because the battery was dead. Oh no! I knew that by the time we jumped the car and got it going again it would be too late to go to school, so I called his teacher and we came inside. Almost as soon as we walked back into the house Augie asked if he could eat his lunch. I couldn’t see any good reason he shouldn’t have it, so he dug in. This is what his lunch looked like at 9:30 am:


He snacked on the rest of it the rest of the morning and then had a regular-sized lunch with me. I guess he was hungry!
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