The Week in Bentos: April 21-25, 3014

by Wendy Copley on April 28, 2014

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Are you ready to see what my kids had for lunch last week? Let’s dig right in!

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Big Kid Bento #899

Monday morning I was all about the quick and easy lunches, so I grabbed a couple of our EasyLunchboxes bento containers and set to work. Wyatt’s lunch had deli turkey in one of our square silicone cups, along with a few crackers to go with it in another. He also had an Easter egg with jelly beans, a half banana, radish chunks and strawberries.

Preschool Bento #632

Augie’s EasyLunchbox also had turkey, crackers, a half banana and some strawberries. I swapped in carrots and cherry tomatoes for the candy and radishes in Wyatt’s lunch box.


Big Kid Bento #900

On Tuesday, Wyatt had almost the exact same lunch he had Monday, but this time I packed it in a Laptop Lunches box: strawberries, radishes, crackers, turkey and a few chips. Bor-riiiing!

Preschool Bento #633

Augie had strawberries, cucumber slices, crackers and deli turkey. It was packed in our Lock & Lock 4-up bento and I jazzed it up a bit with  grumpy giraffe and happy kitty picks.


Big Kid Bento #901

Wyatt’s lunch had strawberries with decorative leaf picks, freezer meatballs, the omnipresent pita crackers, carrots, black bean dip and a strawberry cereal bar. This was packed in the Yumbox and I also included a little dude appetizer pick so he didn’t have to eat the meatballs with his fingers. (Sorry — I don’ t have a source on the fork. It was a gift.)

Preschool Cutesy Bento #634

I packed Augie’s lunch in our PlanetBox Rover and since I had some extra time, I spent a little time making it cute. He had crackers with a piece of dog baran tucked into them, freezer meatballs with letter picks to spell out his name, strawberries with leaf picks, grapes, carrots and hummus.


Preschool Spiderman Bento #635

On Thursday Augie wanted a Spider Man lunch, so that’s what he got. He picked out the lunch box, the decorations and all the food I put in it and he helped put it all together! He’s a great helper. The lunch was packed in a Laptop Lunches box and it consisted of snap peas, hummus, cucumber slices, white cheddar popcorn with a Spidey ring on it, blackberries with a spider ring, and two Spider Man peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Wyatt opted for school lunch.


Big Kid Bento #902

Friday morning, I saw this photo on my friend Robyn’s Instagram feed and I immediately went into the kitchen to duplicate her folded-salami-with-cheese-in-it trick in Wyatt’s lunch. I also added wheat thins, carrots, a tub of black bean dip for dipping, blackberries and strawberries. This was packed in our LunchBots Trio.

Preschool Bear Bento #636

Augie asked me to send his lunch in our little house bento box, so I pulled that off the bento shelf and set to work. When I pack this lunch, he likes me to make a few “people” to live in the house, so I started off by making this little panda family:

Panda Family Sandwiches

Mama and Dad were both cut and stamped with my Animal Palz cutter set and I added a little baby panda in Mama’s arms too. They each got head gear too — a bow for Mom and a baseball hat for dad.

The rest of the lunch was strawberries (separated from the sandwiches with a silicone divider to keep them from making the bread soggy), Persian cucumber slices, salami and wheat thins.

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