The Week in Bentos: March 24-28, 2014

by Wendy Copley on March 31, 2014

Last week was a bit of a weird one for lunches because I was sick (again!) and slept most of the week. My husband stepped in and made some lunches for Augie and Wyatt had more school lunches than usual. Here’s what things looked like:

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4th Grader Self-made Bento #890

First thing Monday morning, Wyatt asked if he could pack his lunch by himself. He promised he’d do it “according to the rules” (fruit, veggie, protein, healthy grain) but I wasn’t allowed to watch. I couldn’t WAIT to see what he does! He went with radishes, pretzels, a lot of salami, and an apple sauce pouch. When he was done, he asked if he could add a few potato chips too and I gave him the go ahead to put some on top of the apple sauce. I think he did a great job! (This lunch was packed in a Laptop Lunches box.)

Preschool Bento #620

I packed Augie’s lunch in our Lego bento box: strawberries with a bunny pick, pretzel sticks (in the smaller, white Lego box), cucumber slices, salami and a small Lego container of hummus. When I was done I realized I accidentally packed a rainbow lunch for him. Cool!


Preschool Dad-made Bento #621

On Tuesday, Dad packed Augie a Star Wars lunch in the PlanetBox: strawberries, grapes with a Darth Vadar ring, chocolate chips, carrot sticks, a Darth Vadar sandwich and pretzel sticks. It’s hard to see, but there’s a light saber in with the pretzels, too.

Wyatt had lunch at school.


Preschool Made by Dad Bento #622

And on Wednesday, Dad packed another PlanetBox lunch: cucumbers, strawberries, grapes, chocolate chips, a star-shaped pb&j and more pretzels.

Wyatt had school lunch again.


Preschool Yumbox Bento #623

Thursday, I finally felt well enough to get up and make the lunches in the morning, but I kept it really simple. Augie had a Yumbox packed with salami, pretzels, cucumber slices and orange slices. He also had an apple sauce pouch.

4th Grader BBQ Chicken Bento #891

Wyatt had leftover barbecue chicken in the LunchBots thermal jar, strawberries and a bun. I also threw a granola bar in his lunch bag. The idea was that he put the chicken on the bun to make a sandwich.


Preschool Dinosaur Bento #624

Friday, I was finally on the mend and I had enough energy to pack Augie a fun dinosaur lunch. I pulled out an EasyLunchboxes bento box, lined the main compartment with silicone leaves and put in a dinosaur pb&j that was cut and stamped with one of these cutters. I added some of the pretzel sticks that were in every lunch this week, along with some cucumbers and strawberries.

Wyatt had exactly the same lunch that I gave him on Thursday — packed in the same containers and everything.

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