The Extra Short Week in Bento: February 17-21, 2014

by Wendy Copley on February 24, 2014

Last week was a pretty light week for lunch packing. Monday was a holiday for our whole family and Wyatt had the week off school for winter break? Mid-winter break? Heck, I dunno what it’s called!

Augie’s school was in session though, so I packed a few lunches for him:

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Monday was a holiday for everyone. We had chicken noodle soup.


Preschool Bento #593

Tuesday it was back to school for Mr. A, so I packed this lunch in our PlanetBox Rover: cukes with some sweet peas peeking out, meatballs from the freezer (with a mini lion fork to eat them), whole grain pita chips, a clementine flower with a fruit leather center and small container of hummus for the cucumbers.


Augie had a dentist appointment Wednesday morning, so he took the day off school. We made it a real party and went to The LEGO Movie in the afternoon. Woooo!


Preschool Superhero Bento #594

Thursday was superhero day! Augie chose Hulk and Spidey cutters for his sandwiches so I carried that theme through the rest of his lunch too. To start I filled a small container with hummus, then added a Hulk sticker that Augie got in a Valentine to the lid. I was a little worried that it would be a pain to get off at clean-up time, but it came right off. I also packed a few pita chips, green grapes (GREEN like HULK!) with a Spiderman ring for decoration, cucumber slices (Hulk LOVE cucumbers!!), the Hulk and Spiderman PB&Js and some red and green goldfish crackers.

True confession: I spent about 4 minutes picking the red and green fish out of a bag of rainbow goldfish so they would fit my color scheme. I don’t usually do this, but we had a more relaxed morning because of Wyatt’s vacation so I just went for it. And I’m not sorry. So there!


Preschool Kitty Bento #595

Kitty lunch Friday! Hooray! This lunch had snap peas, blueberries, cat picks, breadsticks, grapes and a CuteZCute kitty wearing a baseball cap. It is packed in a LunchBots Trio and I used silicone dividers to separate things. Augie only ate the fruit — not one other thing.

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