The Week in Bentos: December 2-6, 2013

by Wendy Copley on December 6, 2013

Hello December! Hello Christmas lunches! After Halloween, I think Christmas lunches are my favorite themed lunches to make. I’ve loved dipping into my Christmas supplies this week, as well as playing with a few new toys.

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Big Kid Santa Bento #833

I have to go light on the Christmas stuff with Wyatt since he’s a sophisticated 4th grader now, but he didn’t mind me adding a few touches to this PlanetBox lunch: radish slices with a Santa pick, clementine slices, a mini bagel with lox and cream cheese and holiday Wheat Thins.

Preschool Santa Bento #553

I packed a Augie this Santa-riffic lunch in our LunchBots Trio: a clementine (they’re like candy, right now!), holiday Wheat Thins, leftover roasted sweet potatoes with a Santa ring for decoration, and a stamped Santa peanut butter sandwich on a bed of sugar snap peas.


Preschool Snowflake Bento #554

Tuesday Augie had this snowflake lunch in our Yumbox: tomatoes with a snowflake pick, Holiday Wheat Thins, a couple chunks of apple with a snowflake carved in them, two tiny snowflake ham sandwiches and clementine wedges with snowflake sprinkles.

Wyatt had school lunch.


4th Grade Bento #834

On Wednesday, I defrosted a few chicken dumplings and put them in Wyatt’s lunch box, along with radish chunks, a couple sugar cookies, a Cutie and some breadsticks. This lunch was packed in a single layer of our Bentgo and I divided it up with my new rectangular silicone cups.

Preschool Bento #555

Augie also had dumplings, along with Persian cucumber slices, green grapes and breadsticks. I packed his lunch in a single layer of our monbento and I used one of my new silicone cups that’s specifically made to fit in this box.


4th Grade Bento #835

Thursday, both boys took leftover pasta to school in their lunches. Wyatt’s was packed in our LunchBots Thermal jar, along with a side car of apples and breadsticks.

Preschool Bento #556

Augie’s pasta was packed into our Thermos food jar with a smaller box holding apple chunks, K cookies and whale crackers on the side.


4th Grade Bento #836

Today, I pulled out Wyatt’s favorite Laptop Lunches box for his lunch. He had a ham and salami sandwich on garlic naan, holiday Wheat Thins with candy cane sprinkles for color, orange slices, grapes and sugar cookies.

Preschool Bento #557

Augie had orange slices, Persian cucumbers with a little penguin pick, a snowflake peanut butter sandwich, and some grapes (under the sandwich).

Preschool Bento #557b

This lunch was packed in our new CuteZcute Baby Bento Buddies penguin lunch box. My friend designed this set and she sent me a sample to try out. It’s fairly small and it’s actually designed to hold snacks — not a full-sized lunch — but was dying to take it to school so I decided to give it a try for lunch duty. I found that when I packed it tightly I could get enough food into it. The food goes into the bottom two compartments and when you remove the lid, it can be used for a bowl. I liked the penguin design best, but it also comes in cute owl and panda designs.

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