The Week in Bentos: October 21-25, 2013

by Wendy Copley on October 25, 2013

Here are this week’s bento lunches:

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4th Grade Bento #814

On Monday, I packed Wyatt’s lunch in our Yumbox: radishes, apple chunks, shredded cheddar cheese (with some icing googly eyes for fun), Cheez-its, turkey meatballs and ketchup for dipping.

I’ve noticed that the Yumbox is becoming my go-to Monday morning lunch box because it’s so easy to pack. I can grab this and that from the pantry and fridge and whip up a lunch in about 5 minutes. Love it!

Preschool Bento #529

Augie also had a quick lunch: apple chunks, Cheez-its, garden tomatoes, and turkey meatballs with a little orange dog pick. Yes! We are still getting tons of tomatoes off our plants! This was packed in our Lock & Lock 4-up bento box.


Preschool Bento #530

Tuesday was another day for simple lunch. Augie had: leftover pork tenderloin with a crabby giraffe pick, clementine segments, Triscuits, and cucumber slices.

And Wyatt’s lunch was extra simple: he ate at school.


4th Grade Bento #815

Wyatt was in the mood for a sandwich on Wednesday so I threw together salami and havarti and put it on a whole wheat hamburger bun in the largest section of an EasyLunchboxes bento box. I also speared it with a “W” pick to keep it from shifting around in transit.  The other two sections held cheese crackers and grapes. I also threw in a Lunchbox Love card because I’m so proud of how good of a friend he has been lately.

Preschool Bento #531

Augie’s lunch was packed in the LunchBots Trio: cheese crackers, salami, grapes and clementines with a panda pick, cucumber slices, sugar snap peas and hummus in a Lego box for dipping the veggies.


4th Grade Bento #816

Wyatt asked for another sandwich on Thursday, so I gave him the same sandwich he had on Wednesday. I also packed cheese crackers, a pumpkin empanada, and half a banana. The “Wyatt” on the banana was made by cutting the peel with a knife. It turned brown almost immediately.

I wanted to add a pick to the sandwich again, so I asked Wyatt to go through the pick drawers and select something that he thought was cool enough for a 4th grader. A lot of our picks are cute little animals, so it’s not easy to find something a big boy would like in his lunch box. He ended up picking robots, rockets, and soccer balls all from the same set of picks and he jabbed them all in his sandwich. Heh.

This lunch was packed in a single layer of our Bentgo.

Preschool Letter "E" Bento #532

I packed Augie this “E” themed lunch for “E” week at his preschool. He had a pumkin empanada, grapes with elephant picks, an egg that I shaped to look like a monkey wearing a tie (squeee!) with my Animal Palz set, corn, edamame on an “E” pick, and eight slices of cucumber with an extra cuke cut into an “E” shape. Excellent!


4th Grade Bento #817

Today Wyatt took his lunch in our PlanetBox: carrots, black bean dip, cheese crackers, chicken dumplings, grapes and yogurt raisins.

Augie has a day off from school so he’ll eat lunch at home with me.

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