The Week in Bentos: October 14-18, 2013

by Wendy Copley on October 18, 2013

This week we’ve got several Halloween lunches, a “D” lunch and lots of regular old, boring lunches that are the sort I put together on a day when I’m super-tired:

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Preschool Bento #524

Monday both boys opted for leftover spaghetti with turkey Italian sausaage in our thermal jars. I gave both of them a side car with raspberries. Augie also had cukes and Wyatt had carrots.


4th Grader Pizzadilla Bento #810

On Tuesday, Wyatt had a pizza quesadilla, white cheddar popcorn and grapes. Fast, simple and he ate all of it.

Preschool Halloween Quesadilla Bento #525

Augie had a leftover turkey, bean and cheese quesadilla from dinner the night before, along with oranges and grapes. It seemed a little boring so I quickly added a “trick or treat” pick and a spider ring at the end.

Both of these lunches were packed in our EasyLunchboxes.


4th Grader Laptop Lunches Bento #811

Wednesday, I packed Wyatt a Halloweeny lunch in a Laptop Lunches box: a pumpkin “donut” (really just a muffin baked in a donut pan) with a plastic spider ring decoration, caramel apple candy corn, raspberries, blackberries, radishes, carrots in a square silicone cup, bean dip and turkey meatballs with a “Happy Halloween” pick.

Preschool Letter "D" Bento #526

Augie’s lunch featured this week’s letter of the week at preschool: D! Did you know that it’s really hard to think of food that begins with a “D”? There are very few fruits and veggies and even fewer that my five-year-old will eat! Here’s what I came up with: pumpkin donut, dip (hummus), delicious carrots, snap peas and cucumbers, a dog sandwich (instructions for recreating this sandwich are in my book Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches to Go — available for pre-order now), delightful berries and dill pickles. After I sent Augie off to school, I realized I didn’t include the letter “D” anywhere in this lunch. Dang it! This was packed in our PlanetBox.


4th Grader Halloween Bento #812

Wyatt got another Halloween lunch yesterday. The top box there includes homemade gravestone tortilla chips that I wrote “RIP” on with a food-safe marker, along with black bean dip “dirt”. He also had carrots and radishes with a spider ring, a pumpkin muffin that I stabbed with a cookie knife (the “blood” is actually red gel icing), turkey spirals and berries. This was packed in a Laptop Lunches box.

Preschool Halloween Yumbox Bento #527

Augie’s lunch was packed in the Yumbox: sugar snap peas, hummus, berries, homemade tortilla chips, mandarin oranges with a ghost pick and turkey meatballs.


Eclectic 4th Grade Bento #813

Today Wyatt had a pretty eclectic lunch. I’ve been fighting a cold and I just wanted to throw something together quickly, so I gave him canned pineapple, Monsters University Cheez-its, radishes, a whole grain fruit bar (recipe from Weelicious Lunches) and mini pepperoni. Kind of a weird combo, but these are all some of his favorites so I bet he’ll eat everything. This was packed in our Yumbox.

Preschool Batty Bento #528

Augie had a cute Halloween bento in the PlanetBox: orange slices in a silicone spider cup, dried mango, cucumbers, a bat peanut bat-ter and jelly sandwich (heh!) with icing googly eyes and grapes.

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