The Week in Bentos: October 7-11, 2013

by Wendy Copley on October 11, 2013

I had a lot of fun making bentos this week!  I made a special alphabet lunch for Augie, played with a fun new toy and used one of my old cutters in a new way for a Halloween box. Read on to see:

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Big Kid Monday Bento #807

On Monday morning, Wyatt had a grab-anything-I-could-find-in-the-fridge bento which turned out to be not bad at all: radishes (cleaned and trimmed over the weekend so they were easy — phwew!), clementines, more of that Halloween jello, crackers and cheddar and leftover pork roast from Sunday dinner. This was packed in our Yumbox.

And speaking of Yumbox, I’m very happy to welcome them as a sponsor of Wendolonia this month. Their lunch boxes have been out of stock due to high back-to-school demand the past few weeks, but they will be available for purchase again any day now. In the meantime, you can check out some of the lunches I’ve packed in this box in the Bento Box Gallery.

Preschooler "C" Bento #519

This is “C” week at Augie’s preschool, so I took a little time to pack him this fun “C” themed lunch: soy cheese, crackers, cubes of pork (yeah, I admit chicken would have worked better), a cat peanut butter and jelly sandwich (cut with the CutezCute cutter set), clementines, craisins, and carrots! This was packed in our PlanetBox.

My original plan was to do a letter lunch to correspond with the letter of the week every week this year, but I totally forgot during A and B weeks. I’m hoping I’ll stick with it in the coming weeks though!


4th Grade Olallieberry Pie Bento #808

On Tuesday, I made Wyatt this Laptop Lunches bento: carrots, black bean dip, grapes, a small piece of olallieberry pie, clementines, crackers and deli ham roll-ups in a square silicone cup.

Preschool Thermos and Fruit Bento #520

Augie had leftover pasta in our LunchBots thermal jar, along with a side car filled with grapes and clementines.


Preschool Halloween Tofu Ghost Bento #521

A few days ago I was browsing Pinterest and I found this great idea from Make Me Cake Me to turn a mini tulip cutter upside down to make a ghost shape. Brilliant! I was still thinking of it on Wednesday when I packed this Halloween lunch for Augie, so I dug my tulip cutter (which I’d never used before) out of the cupboard and cut some little ghosts from a block of tofu (tutorial here). The rest of the box held Cheez-it crackers, a couple clementines with leaf picks in them to make them look like pumpkins, carrot sticks and a dried cranberry monster guy.

The monster was originally intended to be a ghost. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started putting it together because ghosts are obviously not cranberry colored. Honestly, I’m not always the sharpest tack first thing in the morning. To make the monster/ghost shape, I turned this little silicone airplane cup sideways then filled it with dried cranberries. The eyes are yogurt raisins and I drew pupils on them with food-safe markers. The faces on the tofu ghosts are also made with food markers.

This was packed in a single layer of our monbento box.

Wyatt had school lunch.


4th Grade Popcorn Bento #809

I was rushed Thursday morning so I kept the boys’ lunches simple. Wyatt had a PlanetBox lunch filled with strawberries, clementines, tofu, white cheddar popcorn and radishes.

Preschooler This and That Bento #522

Augie had a Yumbox filled with carrot coins, deli ham roll-ups, white cheddar popcorn, clementines, grapes and dried cranberries.


Preschooler Panda Family Bento #523

Today Augie had a lunch featuring this cute little panda family! This lunch was inspired by my newest bento toy: the CuteZcute Animal Palz set! This set was developed by my friend, JeeJee (who also is the creator of my beloved CuteZCute Animal cutter set), and she gifted me with a set to play with. So far I’m really impressed by it’s versatility. I’ve only just begun to play with it, but I’ve already made shaped hard-boiled eggs, stuffed sandwiches and regular stamped sandwiches. The set has four interchangeable plates so you can switch out which animal you are using: bat, sheep, monkey and panda.

Today was panda day! Starting in the upper left corner you’ll see Big Brother Panda egg, some grapes, raspberries with a Panda Twin pick, Mom, Dad and Baby Brother Panda sandwiches and cucumbers with the other Panda Twin.

Let’s take a closer look at that egg:

Preschooler Panda Family Bento #523: Close-up on that egg

Isn’t that just ridiculously cute?? I’ve been having a hard time to get my kids to eat hard-boiled eggs lately, but when Augie got a look at this little guy he swore up one side and down the other that he would eat it if I put it in his lunch. We shall see…

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Have an excellent weekend!

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