Easy After School Fun with PomTree Kids Craft Kits (Sponsored)

by Wendy Copley on October 10, 2013

After-school fun with PomTree Kids craft kits

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When your children are four years apart in age, you encounter a few predicaments. One of these is homework: my older son needs a peaceful environment in order to do his daily allotment of 4th grade math, but my preschooler can’t really be expected to sit silently for an hour while his brother adjusts to the new Common Core method of subtraction. One solution is to set my little guy up with a quiet activity at the table. The trick is that it can’t require too much hands-on time from me because I have to be available to his brother when he has questions or to check his work. Enter: PomTree Kids! These craft kits have all the elements needed to complete a craft project in a single sitting and when they are completed kids have a toy to play with.

PomTree Kids craft kits

We got a big box of kits to try from the PomTree Kids line, but Augie immediately zeroed in on the Sweet Sundaes Treat Truck Playset as the one he wanted to build.

PomTree Kids

The sets are all very cute and they include all of the materials you need to complete the project.

Do you notice what’s not in that picture? Scissors and glue! That’s right — all the pieces are either stickers or they interlock like a puzzle.  Kids can follow the picture instructions mostly by themselves, but younger kids and pre-readers will probably need a bit of adult help to figure out exactly how they go together. The kit we chose was pretty simple, but others look a little more complicated and will probably require more parental involvement.

PomTree Kids craft kits

Once I explained the basics of how this kit fit together, Augie did almost all the construction himself. Even when he encountered difficulties he kept working at it like a puzzle. It was fun to see him learning and solving problems while he played and he seemed extra proud of his work when he was done.

PomTree Kids craft kits

The kit came with a big sheet of stickers and Augie used them to customize his ice cream truck.  He was particularly smitten by the money stickers and also liked adding lots of different stickers showing which treats were available for purchase, “Like a real ice cream truck, Mom.”

PomTree Kids craft kits

When he was done we spent a great deal of time buying and selling ice cream from each other. Prices ranged from $1-$4000, which seems about right to me!

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