The Week in Bentos: September 16-20, 2013

by Wendy Copley on September 20, 2013

This week the boys made a couple of their own lunches!  We also had a some pirate lunches and some regular lunches too. Read on to see:

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4th Grade Dumpling Bento #794

Monday Wyatt had lunch in our PlanetBox: whole wheat pita crackers, strawberries, an apple from our weekend apple-picking trip and chicken dumplings.

We went out for Chinese food for my birthday on Saturday and which reminded Wyatt how much he loves potstickers. He asked me to send some in his lunch this week so I happily picked up a bag from the freezer section at Trader Joes when I went grocery shopping on Sunday. The last time I sent dumplings in Wyatt’s lunch things didn’t go so well, but this time he ate every one of them with no mean comments from the peanut gallery. Phwew! They are such a handy item to keep on hand for lunches, so I’m thrilled they are back in the rotation.

Preschool Bento #504

Augie had strawberries, pita chips, freezer meatballs with a dog pick for eating, celery and hummus.  This was packed in our Lock & Lock box.


4th Grader Made Bento #795

Hey, you know what’s cool about this lunch? Wyatt made it himself! I was up very late to hit a deadline and when I got up on Tuesday I was a total zombie. I told Wyatt he had to eat school lunch because I was too tired to make him one and to my surprise, he volunteered to make his own lunch. What a good idea! Ha! He needed a little guidance to put in produce, but I think he did great otherwise. Using the Yumbox with it’s food stickers definitely helped with that!

He had a piece of Laughing Cow cheese, apple chunks (we are swimming in apples), turkey and the last of the prosciutto, rice crackers and a little yogurt raisin treat.

Preschooler "I did it myself" Bento #505

When Augie saw Wyatt making lunch he wanted to get in on that action too. He picked out the Laptop Lunches box (first time he’s used it, I think) and filled it with apples (I cut them), turkey, yogurt raisins, grapes with a skull and crossbones pick (he picked them off the stem himself) and garlic naan cut with an X-Wing fighter cutter.

I’m proud of my boys!


4th Grade Bento #796

On Wednesday, I packed Wyatt’s lunch in our LunchBots Trio: deli turkey roll-ups, pretzel goldfish, apples, carrot sticks and a homemade cereal bar I made using the recipe in the new Weelicious Lunches cookbook.

This is what came home:

Bento #796: the leftovers

What?! Ugh. It was so bad that when he went to clean out his lunch box after school he warned me before opening it. Apparently he pulled out his lunch box at snack time and then accidentally left it on the playground so he didn’t have anything to eat at lunch time. Frankly, I suspect shenanigans because this story doesn’t entirely add up but I’m letting it go.

Preschooler Applesauce Bento #506

Augie had carrots, snap peas, a homemade cereal bar grapes and freezer meatballs, along with a Yummi Pouch filled with homemade applesauce (I was busy Tuesday afternoon!).


4th Grade Pirate Bento #797

Thursday was Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I made the kids a few “pirate” lunches. Wyatt is not particularly interested in shaped sandwiches at this point, so I kept his pretty simple: pretzel fish, seaweed snacks (did pirates eat seaweed? Suuuure they did!), grapes, a bagel with lox and cream cheese (hey — it’s fish!) and a nectarine on a skull and crossbones pick to prevent scurvy.

Preschooler Pirate Day Bento #507

Augie’s lunch was similar to Wyatt’s but I got to make it a little more cute with a Pirate Kitty sandwich! He had seaweed snack, cucumber slices, hummus, pretzel fish, grapes and a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat.

The sandwich was cut and decorated with our Cutezcute cutter set, then I cut a piece of nori to look like an eye patch and put that on top.  I fully admit that seaweed on a peanut butter sandwich is weird. I’d intended to use fruit leather but when I went to get it out of the cupboard I discovered we were out so I had to make do. I told Augie to just pick it off when he ate the sandwich. This lunch was packed in our PlanetBox. Hat tip to Grace at Eats Amazing for the kitty pirate idea!


4th Grader Shrimpy Bento #798

Today I sent Wyatt’s lunch in the Yumbox again. He had Laughing Cow cheese, dried cranberries, apple chunks, grapes, garlic naan, and shrimp with cocktail sauce for dipping.

Red and Green preschool Bento #508

Augie had grapes with a little elephant pick, celery sticks, peanut butter sandwich crackers, cucumber slices and salami. This was packed in our London bus bento box.

And finally…

Mom's Bento #65

I packed myself a bento box this week! I have been trying to do a better job of eating regular, nutritious snacks so I don’t get too hungry during the day or make bad choices. I decided to pack myself a box full of snacks for the day: cucumber slices, hummus, carrots, snap peas, a hard-boiled egg in a star cup, grapes and rice crackers. This was put in our full-size Steeltainer box and I snacked on it throughout the day.

One of my favorite sort of tools for making bentos is egg molds. I have a ton of them, but neither of my kids will eat hard-boiled eggs so I barely get to use them. I’ll sometimes use them for my own eggs though because they’re fun, they make me smile and they’re very easy to make. For this lunch I shaped this egg with a star mold.

Stumped for ideas for packed-lunches? Check out my lunch box idea list or visit Wendolonia’s Bento Box Gallery for nearly 1500 searchable lunch photos!

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