The Week in Bentos: August 26-30, 2013

by Wendy Copley on August 30, 2013

Here are the lunches the boys took to school this week! People seemed to enjoy seeing pictures of the boxes after school last week, so I’m trying to remember to take photos when it’s time to clean them out.

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Big Kid Red and White Yumbox Bento #783

On Monday, I sent Wyatt’s lunch in the Yumbox. It accidentally turned out to be all red and white. Kinda of fun! He had radishes, cubes of Monterey Jack cheese, strawberries, Ritz-type crackers, and roll-ups of prosciutto and salami.

Both the radishes and the prosciutto are a result of my “just keep offering foods and eventually they will try/like something” feeding philosophy. Honestly, it usually feels like this technique doesn’t work, but when I see a lunch like this I realize that it does sometimes!

Big Kid Red and White Yumbox Bento #783: after

And if you look at his “after” box, you can see that this lunch was a big hit!

Preschooler Salami Rose Bento #490

Augie’s lunch was packed into our ECOLunchbox Cube: a strawberry skewer, garden tomatoes (with a couple on a cherry stem pick for the cute factor), a salami “rose” and some white cheddar Cheez-its. I also packed him a smoothie that I froze in a Yummi Pouch but I forgot to take a picture of that.


Big Kid Red and White LunchBots Bento #784

Wyatt liked his lunch so much on Monday that I packed him basically the same thing on Tuesday. This time it was packed into our LunchBots Trio: radish slices, a chunk of apple, jack cheese on a cowboy pick, crackers, yogurt raisins and salami in a silicone baking cup.

I separated the radish and the apple with a red silicone flower so those disparate flavors wouldn’t mingle. As for the cowboy pick…don’t you think it’s about time I bought cowboy picks for my son named Wyatt??

Preschooler Initials Bento #491

Augie also benefited from my bento-tools-buying-habit on Tuesday. I’ve had cutters for each of our initials (W, A and Z) for a few years now, but I’ve been wanting a set with all the letters for ages. So I splurged a little last week and ordered myself a full set of alphabet cutters as a back-to-school gift to myself.

This lunch had pb&j sandwiches cut into his initials, a couple figs, an apple chunk, yogurt raisins in a small silicone cup, sugar snap peas, a few tomatoes and a Lego cup filled with hummus for dipping the veggies. It was packed in our Lego bento box.

If you missed it on Tuesday, I posted a video with these very lunches where I demonstrated that if you pack a lunch box tightly, the food won’t get all jumbled together in transit — even if you shake it like crazy!  Check it out on YouTube!


And this is what that cute lunch looked like when it came home. He usually eats his fruits and veggies, but not this day.



Wednesday Augie had nectarine chunks with an elephant pick, peas, Monsters U Cheez-its, and meatballs with ketchup in a Lego box for dipping. This was packed in our Lock&Lock square bento.

Wyatt had school lunch because it was hamburger day.



Yesterday, Wyatt’s lunch was packed in the LunchBots Trio again: chunks of nectarine and plum, radish slices, Cheez-its, meatballs and a little container of ketchup for dipping. I separated the radishes from the crackers with reusable silicone sushi grass.

Big Kid Bento #785: after

He ate most of this lunch too!


Augie used the Yumbox: dried cherries, yogurt raisins, plum and nectarine chunks, crackers, tomatoes and meatball chunks.

Preschool Bento #493: after

He only ate the meatballs, the fruit and the yogurt raisins. I think he’s sending me a message about the tomatoes…


Big Kid Snacky Bento #786

Today I sent Wyatt with a Laptop Lunches box filled with snacky stuff: strawberries, carrots that will probably not be eaten, tortilla chips, a salami “rose”, crackers, dried cranberries and a cherry cup filled with those ever present yogurt raisins.

Preschool Super Panda Bento #494

Augie asked for a panda lunch, so that what I gave him! I started off by digging out our panda bento box, then filled the top tier with carrots, salami, and crackers. (I used leaf and panda food dividers to keep the crackers from getting soggy.) The bottom tier holds marcona almonds in an orange cup, cucumber slices and strawberries that I speared with panda picks.

One more piece of bento news this week: I was excited to see that the most recent Cooking Light magazine had an article featuring bento lunches! Fun!

Have a great weekend! Augie’s birthday is tomorrow, so we are going to have a very fun day, I think!

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