Fitspiration for Moms Back to School Lunch Chat

by Wendy Copley on August 22, 2013

This morning I participated in a chat with Fitspiration for Moms all about healthy back to school lunches. It was great hooking up with these ladies to talk about inspiring out kids to make healthy food choices and to share lots of basic info about bento boxes. Some of the things covered in the chat included:

  • the basics of keeping lunches healthy
  • what bentos are and why you might want to pack them
  • easy to find tools and equipment for packing bentos
  • tips for packing lunches quickly on busy mornings
  • how to keep your carefully crafted bentos from mixing together in transport
  • healthy on the go snack ideas

If you missed the live chat but you’d like to get all the details, you can watch the video down below:

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the chat today and thanks to Fitspiration for Moms for inviting me to participate!

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