My Current Obsessions

by Wendy Copley on July 31, 2013

After a couple months of focusing on summer vacation and activities with my kids, I’ve started focusing a bit more on my own interests. Here are a few things I’m obsessing over right now:

Friendship Bracelets

I don’t know exactly what has come over me, but I’m suddenly obsessed with woven friendship bracelets. I think they are coming into vogue because I saw an article about them in Martha Stewart this month and they are popping up all over Pinterest too. I never learned to make them when I was a kid and so the other night I decided the time is right and sat down with some online instructions. My first bracelet started out looking pretty bad, but after I posted a photo to Facebook and got some pointers from friends it was pretty good near the end. Now I’m on my third striped one one and I’m kicking butt! I can go from right to left no problem but now I need to learn to go from left to right so I can make chevrons and other cool patterns.

The Evolution of a Friendship Bracelet

Washington D.C.

Next week the boys and I are heading out to Washington D.C. to visit their dad at work! He has been traveling there for his job very frequently over the last year, so we are excited to see his office and visit all the sites in D.C. I’ve wanted to visit the capitol since I was a kid and I can not wait to see the monuments and finally visit some of the museums in the Smithsonian! My first stop? Julia Child’s kitchen in the National Museum of American History! And how geeky is it that I’ve been watching The West Wing on Netflix because I’m so excited? If you have any recommendations for restaurants near the Mall or lesser known sights, I’d love to hear them.

Watermelon and Cucumber

When we were visiting my parents earlier in the month, they treated Zach and I to a date night at the new fancy restaurant in town. The appetizer I ordered was a little salad with hamachi, pressed watermelon, cucumbers, and jalapeños and it was so amazing that I’ve been thinking about watermelon and cucumber salads non-stop since we left. I’ve been experimenting a little on my own to come up with a good recipe, but I also found this recipe for Watermelon with Tangy Granita in this month’s Cooking Light that I’m dying to try too.

(photo courtesy of Cooking Light)

What are you obsessing over right now?

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