Little Passports: Mexico

by Wendy Copley on July 30, 2013

Little Passports Mexico

After the last few go, go, go weeks we were all ready to take it easy and have a break this weekend. The whole family stuck around the house cleaning, crafting and watching a bit too much tv. By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, we were a little bored, so I pulled out our latest Little Passports kit — Mexico!


The kit came with the usual items: a fact-filled letter from Sam and Sophia, activity sheet, postcard, stickers for the map, passport and suitcase and a fun little souvenir.

The letter focused on a city in Mexico that I was unfamiliar with, Guanajuato, and my interest was piqued so the kids and I spent some time online researching it and looking at pictures. It is a ridiculously gorgeous town laced with tunnels and now we all want to visit.

The activity sheet also included a recipe for mole sauce which made me crave Mexican so we went to our favorite taqueria for dinner. Ha!


As usual, Wyatt’s favorite part was the souvenir — a small ball and toy cup called a balero. We all took turns trying to toss the ball up and catch it in the cup. Wyatt got pretty good at it in a pretty short time, but Augie has got a bit before he masters it, I think. In any case, they’ve been fighting over it for tow days, so it was a pretty big hit, I think!

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Disclosure: I am a Little Passports Brand Ambassador and affiliate. I blog about the kits we receive from Little Passports each month but everything I say (or my kid says) about the kits is an honest opinion.

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