Summer Fun: What We’ve Done So Far

by Wendy Copley on June 24, 2013

I bet you’ve been wondering how we’ve been doing on our Summer Fun List!

Haven’t you? No?


Well, I’m here to tell you we’ve been having a great summer so far! Our schedule is working very well and we’ve been crossing items off our list right and left.

Foggy Bridge

A lot of the time this is what our summers in the SF Bay area look like, (I took this photo yesterday. Ugh.), but up until the last few days the weather here has been great so we’ve been scurrying around trying to pack in as many traditional summer activities as possible while the weather was warm — especially ones that are water-based.

Beach Jumper

We’ve gone to the pool a few times and we’ve also visited the beach twice.  I love going to the beach on a weekday afternoon because we’ve usually got the whole joint almost to ourselves. At our favorite beach the boys love to run up and down the dunes.

Sibley Labyrinth

Another fun outing was a hike we took in a regional park with several labyrinths in it. Most of these labyrinths were built in secret and with only one exception no one knows who made them. Some locals insist they were made by aliens which is funny because when Augie saw the one we visited he kept insisting it was a crop circle!  We hiked about a mile in to visit the biggest one and I’d be lying if I said the kids were troopers about it, but they did enjoy walking the path once we finally reached our destination. Another cool feature of this park is that it’s located on a dead volcano, so we got to see lots of cook volcanic rock formations along the way.

Go Fish

We have played endless rounds of Go Fish. We really love Go Fish.


We signed up for our library’s reading program and we’ve been taking weekly trips to swap one huge pile of books for a new huge pile of books. Wyatt has been really into Beverly Cleary‘s books lately, and he is working his way through her entire catalog. I’ve been reading the Ramona books out loud to the boys at bed time and we are all enjoying them so much. I loved them when I was a girl, but as an adult I’m realizing how very good they really are. They are funny, but also kind of sad and sometimes stressful.  Ramona and Her Father is particularly excellent.

Augie, meanwhile, has been loving Jane Yolen’s “How Do Dinosaurs” books and dinosaur books in general. Really, he’s not picky. When we go to the library he walks over to the reading table and gathers up all of the books the librarian has left out, then goes to the picture books shelves and pulls off another 4 or 5 and announces that he’s ready to check out and go home.

Calvin and Hobbes

Speaking of books, this sweet moment was one I captured over the weekend. Wyatt really loves Calvin and Hobbes and when he was in first grade the big Calvin and Hobbes collection we bought him for Christmas was his main motivator to become a proficient reader. He’s come back to his old pal Calvin time and time again so he was shocked — shocked! — when we all realized Augie didn’t really know who these two guys were. Wyatt begged to be the person to officially introduce his little brother to his favorite comic and of course I was thrilled. So the two boys cuddled up together in our bed and Wyatt read to Augie for an hour or so. I don’t think Augie got most of the jokes, but he laughed at all of them anyway because he was so happy to have his big brother’s undivided attention and kindness.

Duct Tape Ninja

I’ve been severely limiting the boys’ screen time and I’ve loved seeing what they come up with to entertain themselves when I do. For example, check out this neon green duct tape ninja mask Wyatt made. Totally cool looking, right? He wore it and played in it for over an hour! (He did not enjoy taking it off, though.)

Spring Shoes

Or how about this cool spring shoe? This didn’t work as well in practice as it did in theory, but the basic idea was pretty good, I think.

Slime tower

Yesterday we made slime and the boys played with it for hours. Two hours? Three? A very long time! After the initial exploration phase, Wyatt built this crane out of skill sticks and the kids hung slime over the edge and watched it drip down very sloooooowly over and over and over. They also very much enjoyed pretending that they were sneezing big boogers into their hands. Tsk-tsk…boys!

Shaving Cream Windows

Another thing the kids looooved was this ridiculously simple activity I got from the Camp Mom ebook: shaving cream on the window. The fantastic tactile sensation of the shaving cream made them positively giddy and the slightly subversive nature of smearing something all over the window just added to the fun for them. They covered every inch of the glass with the foam so our neighbors “couldn’t spy on us” and then they drew pictures and letters in it with their fingers. This looks like a big mess, but it really wasn’t too bad to clean up. A++! Highly recommended!

What have you been up to so far this summer?

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