Kid Lunch, Mom Lunch

by Wendy Copley on May 20, 2013

On Mondays Augie stays home from preschool and we hang out together. Sometimes we hang out around the house, sometimes we run errands and sometimes we go out on adventures, but we always eat lunch together. We usually eat pretty much the same thing, but I often vary the preparation a little bit to suit each of our tastes. Today I thought it would be fun to show you our two lunches side by side.

Here is Augie’s lunch:

Muffin Tin Meal #6: Straight Up, Not Fancy

I kept this lunch very plain because I was making it in a hurry. We had been out shopping and by the time we got home Augie was cranky and grabbing stuff from the fridge so I put it together with no fancy stuff. I served it in a 6 cup muffin tin because it is Muffin Tin Monday, after all. He had Fiddle Faddle, carrtots, hummus, sweet pickles, tuna (straight-up, no mayo) and cucumber slices.

And here is my lunch:

Mom Lunch

I also had a pickle, carrots, cukes and hummus but I added in half an avocado from the fridge and I turned my half of the tuna can into a tuna salad sandwich.

The same basic meal but it looks pretty different, right?

Do you eat the same thing as your kids for lunch? Or do you make different meals? Or do you do a mix?

I’m linking up to Muffin Tin Monday on Another Lunch. If you’d like to see more cute muffin tins you should head on over to check them out!


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