Star Wars Lunch Ideas for your Little Jedi

by Wendy Copley on May 2, 2013

Star Wars lunch box ideas for your little Jedi

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Do you know what Saturday is? It’s Star Wars Day! Do you know why it’s Star Wars Day? Because it’s May 4!

May the fourth be with you! Get it? Get it?

Since May 4 falls on a Saturday this year, I won’t be sending the boys to school with Star Wars bentos, but I thought it would be fun to round up some of the lunches I’ve packed for them in the past. Wyatt in particular is a big fan of the Star Wars universe and it is one of the few themes he still allows me to use when making his bento lunches now that he’s a big third grader so I have a pretty good collection of these lunches tucked away in the archives.

Big Kid Bento #628

Let’s start with one of my favorite ways to make a Star Wars lunch: Darth Vader and Yoda sandwiches. I make these using the  Star Wars Heroes and Villains cookie cutter set from Williams-Sonoma. These cutters get a lot of use in my house and the boys request that I use them pretty frequently. I also packed some Space-themed goldfish crackers with moons, stars and rockets to make it a bit more space-y. And even though that’s actually a scotty dog licorice, we pretended it was a Wookie baby.

Fancy Plate #4

We’ve also used the same cutter set to make quesadillas. The stamped features on Darth and his storm trooper faded a bit when the tortillas were cooked but the shaped cut-outs still gets the idea across. The red “light saber” is a honey stick that I got at the farmer’s market. The blueberries are dark planets. Though I just put the snap peas on the plate so lunch would include a vegetable, Wyatt decided they were Yoda’s fingers while he was eating them.

I’ve also used the Boba Fett cutter from this set on a piece of cheese with OK results.

Big Kid Bento #503

We also use the Star Wars vehicle cookie cutters (again from Williams-Sonoma) to make sandwiches. I’ve found these shapes are a little harder to work with when I’m making sandwiches, but they’re still fun.

Preschooler Star Wars Bento Box #361

A few months ago, I really kicked the Star Wars fun up when I bought a set of Star Wars cupcake toppers. My set has light saber picks in three colors and plastic rings that look like Darth Vader and Stormtroopers.  I like  to spear fruit on the ends of the light sabers as you see here. I’ll stick a cheese stick or a rolled up slice of deli meat in the holes of the rings. I also just nestle them in a cup of fruit pieces or crackers sometimes.

3rd Grader Bento #731

Finally I like to keep an eye out for Star Wars “Easter eggs” every spring. This year I picked up these fantastic R2-D2 boxes. Last year I found some shaped like Darth Vader. I fill these with raisins, dried cranberries, little crackers and other small snacky items.

A few more Star Wars lunch ideas:

  • Cut fruits, veggies or cheese into star shapes.
  • Try making a Yoda out of green apples.
  • Two pieces of cheddar cheese cut into circles = the twin suns of Tatooine! (This would also work if you cut a clementine in half.)
  • An adorable Ewok make by cutting a piece of cucumber with a teddy bear cutter and layering a soy paper “hood” on top. (This same lunch also has a cool Princess Leia sandwich!)
  • Thermos has a line of Star Wars lunch box accessories.  We use some Clone Wars lunch bags regularly, and food jars and water bottles in the same theme are also available.
  • Photos of all of the Star Wars lunches I’ve packed are saved and tagged in my Bento Box Gallery. Check those out here.

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