Little Passports: Egypt!

by Wendy Copley on April 29, 2013

Little Passports: Egyptian Pyramid

Thanks to Little Passports for sending this kit for our family to explore and review. This post contains affiliate links.


This month Wyatt’s Little Passports package took us to Egypt!

Somehow I always manage to make these kits all about me (see my last post about the Japan kit) and this month is no exception. You see, one of the most exciting and amazing things I’ve done in my entire life was travel to Egypt! I was sent there for work many, many years ago and while I spent a good deal of time in office buildings and classrooms teaching economists about the internet, I also got to explore the Khan el-Khalili market, visit beautiful mosques, stare into the eyes of King Tut’s golden mask, ride a camel and crawl into the burial chamber in the heart of one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. It was beautiful, a little scary and truly awesome — in that I was filled with awe — and it’s an experience I want to share with my children.

Little Passports: Egyptian Pyramid

This Egypt kit was a great way to start that conversation with my boy! We talked about pharaohs, hieroglyphics, papyrus, and pyramids and I got out my great big Egyptian Museum book so we could look at treasures and mummies together too.

Wyatt’s favorite part was this cool model of a pyramid designed to teach him about archaeology. The pyramid has a small statue buried in the middle and it comes with a wooden hammer, a chisel and a small paintbrush to dig it out.

Little Passports: Egyptian Pyramid

This excavation is no easy task! He has worked on digging the statue out a few times now and he still hasn’t managed to get it all the way out. I’m sure if he stuck it under running water or something he could get it out pretty quickly, but I’m glad he’s taking the slow and steady route that a real archaeologist would. I’m also glad that it gives us a little extra time to talk about ancient and modern Egypt as he digs away.

Disclosure: I am a Little Passports affiliate and I will be blogging about the kits I receive from them each month. If you sign up for a subscription, I’ll receive a small percentage of the purchase price. Just keeping it honest!

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