The Week in Bentos: March 25-29, 2013

by Wendy Copley on March 29, 2013

Happy Friday before our spring break! The sun is shining here and I’m in a great pre-vacation mood! Take a gander at the kids’ lunches from the week:


Big Kid Chicken Leg Bento #733

On Monday Wyatt had strawberries, apple chunks, space goldfish, a few cookies and a chicken leg leftover from dinner. My kids love having chicken drumsticks in their lunches, so when I make them for dinner I try to be sure there are a couple extra for them to take the next day. This lunch was packed in a Laptop Lunches bento box.


Preschool Banana Bento #420

Augie’s lunch was packed in our PlanetBox on Tuesday. He had Trader Joe’s version of Ritz crackers, deli turkey roll-ups  on circus animal picks, Pirate’s Booty, grapes, a half banana with his name written on it with a food-safe marker, cucumber slices and a couple of cookies.

Big Kid Fake "Lunchables" Bento #734

Wyatt had a do-it-yourself Lunchable in an EasyLunchboxes box: crackers, deli ham roll-ups, cheddar cheese, carrots, grapes, and letter cookies. I also included a lunch box note (made by Lunchbox Love) with a reminder of something he’s been working on.

The company that makes Lunchbox Love sent us a few packs of these notes this week and the kids are really liking them. I included them in most of the lunches I packed, but because I put them on top of the lunch boxes in the boys bags, I keep forgetting to include them in the photos. Each one has a sweet, kind of inspirational message on one side and a fun trivia fact or joke on the back.


Preschool Circles Bento #421

Augie had an all circle lunch on Wednesday: cucumber circles, meatballs, grapes and circles of garlic naan. In a stunning juxtaposition it was packed in an all square Lock & Lock lunch box.

Big Kid Meatball Bento #735

Wyatt’s lunch was pretty basic: naan, carrots with hummus to dip, meatballs, mandarin oranges and grapes.


Preschool Panda Bento #422

On Thursday, Augie had sugar snap peas, raisins, grapes, space goldfish, a panda sandwich (cut with the CuteZcute cutter), cucumber slices and a Z shaped letter cookie because it is Z week at preschool.

Wyatt ate lunch at school because it was the debut of the school’s new salad bar and they were having a big lunch time party to celebrate. I’m pretty excited about this and I’m hoping to meet Wyatt for a lunch date to check it out in the next few months.


Preschool Bento #423

Today Augie had a very basic lunch: snap peas, bell pepper strips, peanut butter cracker sandwiches, mandarin oranges and naan.

Big Kid Bento #736

Wyatt had naan circles, leftover soy pork from dinner, corn, cookies, raisins, and oranges. The idea is that he’ll make little sandwiches with the pork and the naan. Who knows if he’ll actually do it!

The kids are off for spring break next week and my husband is taking some vacation too, so we are going to try to stay off line and relax together. I’m planning to schedule a few posts in advance, but things might be kind of light. See you on the flip side!

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