Muffin Tin Monday: Spring Time!

by Wendy Copley on March 25, 2013

Spring Time Muffin Tin Meal

Let’s face it — in most of the country spring has not sprung. When I logged in to Facebook this morning I was greeted with dozens of photos of snow colored lawns. My sincere condolences to those of you in the snow belt.

In our kitchen spring has sprung though and you can see it in each pocket of the muffin tin lunch I made for Augie this afternoon. Here’s what he had:

Top row:

  • cucumber slices cut into flower shapes — I got fancy with the top one and removed the center and replaced it with a piece of carrot. I also added a flower stem pick.
  • a bunny-shaped egg
  • soy yogurt with flower sprinkles

Bottom row:

  • apple chunks with a butterfly apple on top
  • a grape and apple flower
  • crackers with flowers cut from cheese

The meal was served in a 6 cup muffin tin that I use exclusively for muffin tin meals and most of the cups were lined with silicone baking cups.

I’m linking up to Muffin Tin Monday on Another Lunch. If you’d like to see more cute muffin tins you should head on over to check them out!


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