The Week in Bentos: February 18-22, 2013

by Wendy Copley on February 22, 2013

Hey guys! Wyatt was off school this week, so it’s a light week for the kids’ lunches. I got some new stuff though, so that was fun to play with.


No one went to school. We had soup and turkey sandwiches with Daddy.


Preschool Name Bento #403

On Tuesday, Augie took his lunch to preschool in our PlanetBox: he had cornbread leftover from Monday’s dinner, celery with peanut butter (Wyatt wanted to help so he made this item), deli turkey on decorative picks, crackers and blueberries (because we’re all tired of apples).

Alphabet picks to spell out his name

One of the new items that came for me in the mail this week were a couple sets of alphabet picks and I used them to spell out Augie’s name. I’ve actually had some of these picks for awhile, but I only bought one pack the first time around and I’ve found that I can hardly ever spell anything out in lunches because I always need a duplicate of one of the letters. Aargh! I bought two more packages and now that I have three of each letter the world is my oyster! Of course, I’ve always been able to spell out “Augie” since there are no dupes, but he can only just now recognize his name.


Preschool Square Bento #404

Wednesday’s lunch was packed in a new box: a Lock & Lock divided lunch box. I’ve been eyeing this lunch box on my pal Melissa’s blog for years now so when I saw it came back into stock in the All Things for Sale store, I jumped to get one. I love how it makes a lunch look super organized and it’s a good size for my preschooler.

On this day I packed blueberries, green grapes, fruit and seed flapjacks from this week’s Graze box, snap peas, carrots and turkey meatballs speared with a dolphin pick.

Graze is a new delivery service I’m trying*. For $5 per week you get a box with four surprise snacks in it. This is my second box and I’m quite satisfied so far. Everyone else in the family likes it too.


School Bus Bento Box

Thursday, I packed Augie’s lunch in our new school bus bento box! I love our London bus bento box so much that I decided to use a little of the affiliate revenue I’ve earned at All Things for Sale to get its twin.  It doesn’t disappoint! Isn’t it cute?

Preschool Bus Bento #405

In honor of the school bus bento box, I decided to go with a school bus theme for Augie’s lunch. I gave him orange slices, jam sandwiches that were cut and stamped with a bus cutter, sugar snap peas and turkey meatballs with school bus picks stuck in them. Technically the picks are trucks but the magic of having a four-year-old is that you can tell him trucks are buses and he’ll go for it. Heh.

For detailed instructions showing how I made the bus sandwiches, see: How to Make Kick-Butt Stamped Sandwiches.

Big Kid Bento #717

Wyatt went to the zoo with some friends so he needed a packed lunch too. He had orange slices, meatballs, corn bread, carrots and black bean dip.


I kept Augie home from school today because he was jealous Wyatt had the day off. And now I have to go make his lunch…

*I am not associated with Graze in any way — I just like the service.

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