The Week in Bentos: January 21-25, 2013

by Wendy Copley on January 25, 2013

Here are the lunches I packed for the boys this week. We had Star Wars, kitties, and oranges. Exciting!


The kids were off school for the MLK holiday on Monday so I didn’t pack any lunches.


Preschool Star Wars Bento #388

Tuesday’s lunches had a Star Wars theme. I packed Augie’s lunch in our Lunchbots Trio: space goldfish crackers, a pb&j Yoda sandwich (made with a cutter from this set), carrot “light sabres”, cucumber “moons” and a couple of pieces of ham that I slid through the loops in these Star Wars rings. Tip: Luncbots is having a sale on some of their boxes — including the one pictured above — until February 5.

Big Kid Star Wars Planetbox Bento #701

Wyatt’s lunch also had ham in the Star Wars rings, along with goldfish, carrots, Darth Vadar and tie fighter jelly sandwiches, and apple chunks that I speared with a light sabre pick. This was packed in our PlanetBox.


Preschool Kitty Cat Bento #389

Augie has been playing with his stuffed kitties a lot lately, so I decided to make him this little kitty lunch. I made the pb&j cat sandwich with my Cutezcute set, then added in some cara cara orange slices, a few strawberries that I bought for an off-season treat and some sugar snap peas to fill in the last little gap. I used some cute animal food dividers to separate the fruit from the peas. This was packed in our full-size Steeltainer box.

Big Kid Bento #702

Wyatt’s lunch was packed in a Laptop Lunches box: cara cara oranges, strawberries, carrots with black bean dip, leftover curried chicken from dinner and strips of garlic naan.


Bright Preschooler Bento Lunch #390

On Thursday the boys both got brightly colored lunches. Augie’s was packed in our London bus bento. He had turkey roll-ups on boy toy picks, rainbow goldfish crackers, sugar snap peas, oranges and strawberries.

Big Kid EasyLunchbox #703

Wyatt’s lunch was pretty much the same, but I swapped carrots and bean dip in for the peas and added some squares of naan. This was packed in our EasyLunchboxes box.

And this was what his lunch looked like when I unpacked it that evening:

Big Kid EasyLunchbox #703: What Came Home

It was one of those days when he barely ate anything. I also remembered why putting the dip on the bottom of the container with the carrots on top is a bad idea. Messy!


Preschool Kitty Bento Lunch #391

Augie asked for another kitty lunch today, so I used the CuteZCute again, but this time I cut the face out instead of stamping it. He also had some goldfish in a little suitcase cup (for the kitty to eat, strawberries, turkey roll-ups and snap peas.

Big Kid BBQ Chicken Planetbox #704

Wyatt had bean dip, carrots, strawberries, a tiny bit of leftover bbq-ed chicken, garlic naan, and a striped apple.

What was in your lunch box this week?

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