The Week in Bentos: November 5-9, 2012

by Wendy Copley on November 9, 2012

We’ve had a heck of a week around here! Augie and I have been sick all week, Wyatt had short days every day for school conferences, my husband was out of town and I’m working my booty off trying to hit a huge deadline at the end of the month. To say things did not go smoothly is probably the understatement of my year! Despite all of that, the children still had to eat so I made them a few lunches, but even so there aren’t too terribly many to see this week:


Preschool Checkered Apple Bento #357

On Monday, I sent Augie off to preschool with a lunch packed in a single layer of our monbento box: carrots, a couple of yogurt pretzels in a small boat-shaped silicone cup (recently purchased at a Daiso store), baked teriyaki tofu cut into strips, cucumber slices and apple chunks. The kids were up earlier than usual because of the switch to standard time, so I had plenty of extra time to make a checkered apple — something I normally find a little too fussy for a run of the mill lunch.

abento357: after

About a half hour after I dropped Augie off, the school called to tell me he had stomach flu and that I needed to come back to get him. In all the fuss of picking him up, I forgot to grab his lunch bag, and since he didn’t go back to school until today (Friday) his lunch sat in the fridge most of the week. I was super scared to open it when I brought it home this morning, but it didn’t look bad at all. The carrots were dried out and there was no way anyone would eat it (blech!) but take a look at that apple! I sprinkled it with Fruit Fresh on Monday and it barely looks different from when I put it in the bento box 4 days ago! I am a total convert to that stuff now.

Third Grade Bento #677

Moving right along…

Wyatt had a lunch packed in the Laptop Lunches box: Pirate’s Booty, yogurt pretzels, a few wheat crackers, apple chunks, carrot sticks and checkerboard tofu.

Airplane Bento #60

AND…Zach took off on another work trip, so I packed him a bento for the plane, too! He had raspberries, salami, apple chunks, a bunch of cheddar cheese, crackers and a few cherry tomatoes to fill the last little gap. This was packed in a Glad entree sized food container so he didn’t have to worry about getting the box back home a week later.


Tuesday both boys were home from school — Wyatt for parent-teacher conferences and Augie with his stomach bug — so no lunches.


Third Grade Bento #678

Wednesday, Wyatt’s lunch box held Pirate’s Booty, blueberries, applesauce, ham and cheese roll-ups and a whole wheat dinner roll. The ham roll-ups were something new for us. I spread slices of deli ham with Laughing Cow cheese, rolled them up and sliced them jelly roll style.

Third Grade Bento #678a

I also thought I’d share a photo of the box right before I packed it in the lunch bag. I chose a lidded container for the Pirate’s Booty to help keep it from absorbing moisture from the other items in the box and getting soggy. I also put a lid on the apple sauce to keep it from spilling.


Augie was on his fourth day of stomach flu on Thursday and I had a raging cold. There was no way I was going to pack Wyatt a lunch, so he ate in the cafeteria at school.


Preschool Bento #358

Augie was finally back in school today! Hooray! He seems fully recovered, but to play it safe I packed him a very simple, easy to digest lunch: grapes, mini saltines, applesauce and chicken. Per his request, this was packed in our PlanetBox.

Third Grade Bento #679

Wyatt’s lunch held yogurt pretzels, Pirate’s Booty, grapes, applesauce, crackers and leftover chicken from dinner.

Disclosure: I’m currently being compensated by Glad as a member of the Glad Mom Made panel. I’ll be sharing more tips about using Glad products in the coming months!

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