Homemade Smash Book Update

by Wendy Copley on October 3, 2012

Last summer I put together a fun little project:  a homemade version of a Smash book. I had originally planned to fill it up with all of our summer adventures but after an initial burst of activity I have to admit that I didn’t add to it nearly as much as I would have liked. It sat on my desk looking lonely for nearly a year until a few months ago when I got it out and started sticking little bits and pieces into it. Most of what I’ve put in isn’t particularly interesting or fun to look at for anyone but me, but I have a few pages that I like a lot so I thought I’d spare a minute to share them today.

Homemade Smash book page - September Instagrams

First up is a page I just finished yesterday about my September. I gathered most of my Instagram photos for the month (my user name is wendolonia if you want to follow me) and then printed them out using the contact sheet feature on PSE 10. I then cut them out with scissors and randomly added them to this double page spread one row at a time. I added captions to most of them and I also interspersed patterned papers and doodles in some of the empty spaces. My favorite part of this page was that even though it looks complicated, it was super mobile. I stacked up the book, the photos, a few scraps of paper, tape, a pair of small scissors and a pen up and carried it around the house for a day to work on it at the table, on the couch and out on our patio depending on where the kids were.

Homemade Smash book page - My View

This next page is the polar opposite of the first one. Photo, tape, pen, story. That’s all. I made this page last spring and I’d already forgotten about it when I flipped through my book looking for photos. Augie has already stopped with the lost kitty game so I’m glad I wrote this down.

Homemade Smash book page - sticker mandala

And then for something completely different (again!), this page had no photos and no story and I love it. I’ve been casually following along with TinkerLab’s sketch book series and I copied this idea pretty much exactly from Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree. I completed it during an art session with the kids and it was a brainless, but rewarding project.

Do you keep a Smash or sketch book?

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