by Wendy Copley on September 27, 2012


Annoyed that one of my kids turned the refrigerator to the highest temperature yesterday and I didn’t figure it out until this morning.

Sorting through all the food in the fridge to see what I can keep and what needs to be tossed. Most has to be tossed.

Listening to the dishwasher and dryer running.

Cooking four pounds of thawed but still cold chicken from the freezer in the crockpot.

Avoiding the Facebook/Twitter/email/Pinterest vortex so I can get some work done today.

Eating eggrolls (from the freezer).

Wearing jeans, a navy blue top, sneakers, and a holey cashmere sweater.

Wanting a cup of tea, a nap and a break from running the household.

Missing my husband who has been away for work.

Thinking about work and bento boxes which are kind of the same thing.

Reading cooking magazines and dog-earing recipes that I’ll probably never get around to trying.

Planning a LEGO birthday party for Wyatt.

Making lists but not crossing a lot off them.

Watching the entire series of Mad Men again from the beginning.

Obsessing over pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. Feeling lame about it.

I’m joining Ali Edwards and many other people and documenting what is happening in my life right now today. What are you up to?


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