Review: Yubo Lunch box

by Wendy Copley on August 17, 2012

CHILDish Yubo - pieces

Let’s wrap up back to school week with one last review! Today’s lucky winner will receive a personalized Yubo lunch box courtesy of CHILDish.

CHILDish offers personalized dishes, lunch boxes, water bottles and other items that feature your child’s name and an adorable customized image of him or her. Wyatt decided that at nearly-eight-years-old he was too old for something so sweet, but my three-year-old Augie was all over it. He loved using the online tool to choose his hair, eye and skin color (along with the background color and other details) and he played with it for half an hour or more. Once his lunch box and the custom face plates for it arrived, he was over the moon.

“Mom! Does that say ‘Augie’? It starts with an ‘A’ so I think it says ‘Augie’! That’s a picture of me. I picked it out. It looks like me. Is that me?”

You get the picture.

CHILDish Yubo - inside

He likes the lunch box itself as much as the picture on the outside. The Yubo comes with a number of pieces. There is an outer container with two lids that snap on and off. Each lid also has a faceplate on it that can be swapped out as your child’s interests change. In addition to the personalized set, the blue lunch box we chose came with a set of dinosaur plates. Inside, there are three lidded containers — one large and two small — and a large ice pack that is perfectly sized for the box.

Preschool Bento #311

The large box is a great size for packing bento-style lunches. And as fond as I am of packing bentos, I’ve been loving the two small lidded containers. Every time I pull this lunch box out, I find myself wondering what liquidy or smelly thing I can put in the little boxes. Lately, I’ve been going with tuna which I usually don’t put in Augie’s lunch (even though he loves it) because I’m afraid it will stink up everything else I’ve packed.(See more examples of lunches I’ve packed in the Yubo lunch box in the Bento Box Gallery.)

As always, there are a few things I don’t particularly love about this lunch box. One thing is that it’s very large. It takes up a ton of space in the fridge if I pack the whole thing the night before and it doesn’t even come close to fitting in Augie’s preschooler-sized backpack. And as I mentioned before it has a lot of pieces. My husband keeps mistaking the inner containers for our regular food storage boxes and putting them away in the wrong place when he empties the dishwasher. All of these are tolerable annoyances though — I still come down positive on this lunch box.

(The giveaway that was originally featured as part of this post is now closed.)

Disclosure: CHILDish sent me a personalized Yubo lunch box for review. I have received no other compensation for this post, but I do hope you’ve enjoyed giveaway week. That would be compensation enough.


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