Summer Fun: Newspaper Pyramid

by Wendy Copley on July 12, 2012

Newspaper Pyramid

As soon as I saw this article about newspaper forts at Modern Parents Messy Kids, I knew that Wyatt would love to make one. I’ll let you visit the original post for full instructions, but the idea for this activity is pretty simple in a brilliant sort of way: roll up sheets of newspaper, staple the ends together to form triangles and then staple the triangles together to form a structure.

To be honest, this was not an easy project for us. The absolute hardest part was getting our hands on newspapers! We haven’t subscribed to the paper for years and I didn’t feel right about raiding the bins of free weeklies a few blocks away so it took us a while to get enough paper to work with.

Wyatt also had a lot of trouble stapling the ends of the rolls together, which surprised me a bit. I just assumed that by the end of second grade he would have learned to use a stapler but I was wrong about that. After some initial frustrated outbursts, I realized what the problem was and sat down to give him a stapler lesson. Once he’d mastered it, he was able to do the construction on his own.

Newspaper Pyramid

After assembling the first batch of newspaper tubes he played that he was flying a spaceship for a bit. He decided he wanted it to be bigger though, so he kept adding stuff until he stumbled upon the pyramid design:

Newspaper Pyramid

I can’t tell you how proud he was that he figured out how to build a pyramid on his own. When Augie got home, he thought it was pretty nifty too.

Have you tried building with newspapers? What other unusual building materials have you used to make forts?

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