The Week in Bentos: June 18-22, 2012

by Wendy Copley on June 22, 2012

Wyatt started day camp this week and Augie was on his usual preschool schedule so I have a full week of lunch photos. Shall we begin?


Day Camp Bento #607

On Monday, Wyatt’s Laptop Lunch box held: Nilla Wafers, strawberries (from our garden!), pretzels, blueberries and turkey meatballs.


Preschool Bento Box #287

On Tuesday, Augie had chicken shu mai dumplings, carrot sticks, pretzels, and blueberries. This was packed in our Lego bento box

Day Camp Bento #608

Wyatt had a half turkey and mayo sandwich, pretzels, carrot sticks, bean dip (in the blue tub) and blueberries. This was packed in an Easy Lunchbox.


Preschool Bento Box #288

Wednesday the kids both asked for cheese and crackers for lunch and I happily obliged. Augie had squares of soy cheese, wheat thins, strips of ham, strawberries, carrots and celery.

Big Kid Bento #609

Wyatt had a blueberry cereal bar, pretzels, carrot sticks, ranch dip (in the little tub), strawberries, Laughing Cow cheese, ham and wheat thins.


Preschool Bento Box #289

Thursday we were back to our old standby of turkey meatballs in lunches. I added a little lion pick from my bento shopping trip to Augie’s lunch for a bit of cuteness. He also had carrot sticks, strawberries, and garlic naan cut into little dude shapes.

Big Kid Bento #610

Wyatt had an identical lunch, just configured differently.


Preschool Bento Box #290

Today Augie had deli ham roll-ups, Triscuits, raisins, strawberries and celery sticks.

Big Kid Bento #611

Wyatt’s lunch was very plain jane: turkey, ham and mayo on whole wheat, strawberries and pretzels.

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