Project 365 2012: Week 16

by Wendy Copley on May 29, 2012


I managed to squeeze in a little more work on my Project Life album last week — still playing catch-up though. Let’s travel back in time to April once more….


The start of the week focused on Wyatt a little more: a visit from his best bud, homework, a card with a few of his thoughts jotted down (more on that below). I also included an attendance certificate Wyatt received (pictured above) and a super great spelling test where he made up a sentence for each word in an insert in the middle of the layout.  The last photo was an in progress photo of one of the project I did for my Martha Stewart Mother’s day post.

I am...

I saw this list idea on Becky’s blog a few months ago. I wrote out a list of sentence starters that Wyatt completed a while back and finally remembered to include it in our album this week. If you can’t read his handwriting, this is what it says:

  • I am Wyatt.
  • I think .I should get ice cream.
  • I wonder if I will get a TV.
  • I wish I had every doller. (sic.)
  • I never want my family to die.
  • I always love T.V.
  • I promise to be good some day.
  • I love my family.
  • I believe I can do anything.

My sweet, loving, TV-obsessed, materialistic boy! For the record, I will never, ever buy him his own TV. Also, he was laughing when he wrote “I promise to be good some day.” We don’t go around telling him he’s a bad, bad boy all the time or anything like that!


The second half of this layout shows:

  • a photo of a common morning scene in our house — everyone piled into our bed. (I wonder how much longer this will happen?)
  • my kid’s method for putting his socks away, which is to throw them on the floor directly in front of his dresser
  • a couple of Facebook status updates from the week
  • a photo Wyatt took of my performing a song and dance number in the kitchen
  • Augie getting ready for robot wars.

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